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Good Afternoon Ladies,

After months of lurking and sifting through this amazing thread I FINALLY ordered my Reception dress through Dressilyme for my February 2012 Wedding!!! I am so excited and now hope that the next 2 months fly by so that I can see it! Since I don't want a replica per se I just asked that the train be removed and it just be made as a floor length gown since I plan to party party party LOL!

Here is the link for the actual listing on their website: http://www.dressilyme.com/wedding-apparel/exquisite-one-shoulder-satin-floristic-ruffled-wedding-dress-pd-8529/ and the below pictures are from their Flicker account. 


I honestly don't even know why the original designer is which great to me because I don't have ridiculous expectations (but if someone knows who the original designer is I would love to know!). I am absolutely in love with my ceremony dress (I purchased it over a year ago), but after stumbling on this thread I knew it would be a travesty to not get a 2nd dress at such an AMAZING price! Now I just need to find my veil/veils, and other accessories. But thank you to all the members for your thoughts and input on this thread it is very helpful! I will be sure to post pictures when they send them and when I receive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I've ordered my dress (alas, 1 week before I saw this forum!) and my dress was from seller One-Stopos, and cost $USD20 more than Babyonline. Hopefully One-Stopos is as good as Babyonline to justify higher costs. I'll post pics one it arrives- the dress is Maggie Sottero Rachael (Aussie 2 bought the same dress from Babyonline I think....) 


I paid another $30 for a petticoat.


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Hi everyone I'm new here and have been spending waaay too much time reading this forum hahahah!


I was wondering if PrettyPigPig or anyone else can tell me- how much boning is enough? You mentioned that Topspartner typically gives 16 or 17 bones? How many did Babyonline do for your gown??  I just imagined the horrible nipple showing scenario when one raises their arm--- eeew!!


I ordered a gown BEFORE I read this forum and used One-Stopos--their factory is somewhere in Anhui and 500 transactions, unlike Babyonline (1000!)- I wish I discovered Babyonline sooner- someone else on this forum purchased the exact same dress with good outcome, for $20 less! (Sottero Rachael) -

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Good Afternoon Ladies! I posted yesterday but it mysteriously was eaten before it posted so I am going to try again, my apologies if this is a repeat.....


Yesterday I FINALLY purchased my dress from Dressilyme.com After months of lurking, debating, and taking your various inputs into consideration I decided to go with Dressilyme to make my Reception Dress for my February 2012 Wedding. Here is the link to the dress on the Dressilyme website: http://www.dressilyme.com/wedding-apparel/exquisite-one-shoulder-floristic-ruffled-wedding-dress-pd-8529/ Below are pictures from their Flicker account. 


I was and am still very much in love with my Ceremony dress, but I stumbled upon this thread and felt that it would be a travesty to not get a 2nd dress at such a great price! Now I am a little different in the fact that I do not know who the original designer of this gown is (if someone out there does know it would be nice to know). Also I have tried on dresses close to this one, but never the exact same, so I am don't have super high expectations for it to look exactly like the original. The only thing that worries me are the ruffles, but since it seems as though they have executed this dress perfectly before it should not be an issue. I did not have any modifications done to the dress other than removing the semi-train and just having the dress be floor-length all around. 


Now I can't wait for the next 2 months to fly by so I can try it on! I requested pictures before they ship and while it is in production if possible. What do you ladies think? I feel that Dressilyme is a great company but I would like your opinions. Also do you think I should add beading to the bodice it seems a bit plain, but I am worried I will mess the dress up if I do. Thoughts?

Thank you all again for your input!!!



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Ladies, I received my dress today from Fabulous U and as soon as I saw it I cried my heart out... But unfortunately they weren't happy tears... I bought my dress from this site because of a great recommendation from a co-worker of FMIL.  She was so happy with the dress she received and told me to buy my dress there as well.  I had such high hopes, now I just hope someone can fix the problems!


Just as a reminder, here is the original gown:




The embroidery was very well done, and the gown is MOSTLY well made (has boning in the breast area and through the sides) but it's torn!!  And it was obviously torn before it left the factory because it was shipped in a plastic bag inside a box and the plastic bag didn't even have a single puncture or tear.  Here are some pics I took:






The tear goes right along the lowest "wrinkle" in the dress.  They tried to hide it behind said "wrinkle", but it keeps popping out on my right side (left side of the pic above).  Plus, those "wrinkles look like they're just that, wrinkles!  It was supposed to be gathered on one side and then just let fall on the other side, but this looks like I've got a belly like a wrinkly dog.


Now I'm an emotional person, I'm a sook, I know.  But I honestly was devastated when I saw this rip in my gown.  I cried my heart out sad.gif  And I ordered a tiara with my gown, they packaged it inside my gown and the box was completely crushed when it got here (which would be okay if it weren't for the tiara!).  So my tiara was destroyed beyond repair and my dress had a rip in it... I wish momma had told me exactly HOW many of these days I was gonna have....


What should I do ladies?  I'm getting married on September 26th, do I even have enough time for another gown?  Can this one be salvaged?

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