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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Hey all, I'm new here, just was browsing through this topic and thought I'd help.


This dress is Daga from 2011 La Sposa collection, that's one of Pronovias brands.

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hey guys,


anyone know who are the designers of these dresses?? 





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Hi girls, I'm new here, just was browsing through this topic and thought I'd leave my feedback, maybe it'll be helpful.


I'm from Russia and I'm not a bride, in fact, I'm already married second time around. cheesy.gif However, I run a small bridal shop here and I order some of my dresses from Chineese factories.

I tried several of them - Milanoo.com, 1luckybride.com, and Duosheng.cn


First one (Milanoo) I really do not recommend because it really is a lotery and quality of their gowns is not that good. I recieved 5 gowns from them and some of the are fine, but others are poor. They actually use nice fabrics (satin, organza, taffeta, lace, netting, beading, applique) but it's all about quality of seweing and details. Their beading is not very detailed and often doesn't look like original. Their prices used to be very cheap, like $90-150 for a gown, now they raised it a little bit. They don't use crystals, diamods, or rhinestones, just plastic beads, pearls, and sequins. Cutting is also not perfect, it's noticable when you put the dress on. They try to use less materials and there are stitches in most visible places, which does not look good.


1luckybride makes better quality dresses than Milanoo. But their communication and time frames are sooooo off! I even started dispute on PayPal with them, because my order was delayed by almost two months! However, they do good job on dresses. They use nice materials, beading, crystals, rhinestones. But still there are some minot flaws on the dresses, not that accurately made. Their prices are like $200-300 for a wedding dress.


Now as for Duosheng, I read lots of positive reviews about them on various boards all over the world, I really liked pictures of the real dresses they post on their website. So I decided to try them too. I ordered three dresses from the, but they are still making it. Just told me today that first one is ready and they will send me pictures of finished dress very soon. So when I have it, I'll post it here. What I liked so far about them is their communication. Always reply very quick to all my emails, give detailed answers, never had problems reaching them. We'll see how those dresses will turn out.


I attached pictures of dresses I got from Milanoo and 1luckybride.


1. Maggie Sottero Cassia by Milanoo


85-1.jpg cassia.jpg


2. Maggie Sottero Destinations dress by Milanoo


msd1.jpg 3.jpg


3. Monalisa by Milanoo (not steamed here)


ms71.jpg ms3.jpg ms2.jpg


4. Pronovias Frase by 1luckybride


frase_a1.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg 3.jpg


5. Demetrios dress by 1luckybride (not steamed, just out of the box)


DEW0603.jpg10.jpg 9.jpg 8.jpg


6. And this is what I ordered from Duosheng, we'll see what they version will look like.



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What are your thoughts ladies?  I think the bow will have to be spray starched or something because it's a little limp but other than that, I can't see anything that I'd change. 


I'm waiting for pics of the mantilla veil I ordered with the dress.  It was done to match the lace on the dress.




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I have a stalker on this excellebt blog.  I think your dress looks well made.  It is difficult to know the shape unless it is on a manequin though.  Can they place it on a form for you?

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Erika I'm assuming your post is directed to me :)  From most of the other girls on this site who have ordered from Babyonline, I'm pretty sure all of their dress pics come like mine...no models to put them on.  I know it's weird.  I sure to home there is a definite waist line in there because I have hips.  I have almost 10 inches difference between my waist and hips, so there better be room for them...lol

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