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Very Excited about this Forum - DR bride to be

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Hi Everyone,


I would just like to say that I am very excited that I have found this forum and became a member. Already I have found this site so very helpful.


My name is Lisa and I just started the planning of my wedding for the begining of June 2009. We plan to have it in the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana. We fell in love with Punta Cana a couple years ago visiting. I am from Toronto Canada.


I know there is not much time, but I am sure this forum is going to help a lot with my planning.


I already have a question if you can please help by giving your opinion or your experience, I would very much appreciate it:


1) Is the Travel Agent a must or can the planning be done without?


My experience so far: I have found I talked to a couple of agents and noticed they charge very high fees (over 4000 fixed fee). From looking at their list of services I do not see much value they would provide for me. Maybe I am looking at travel agents that over charge. Although I try to get in contact of wedding coordinators of resorts and find very hard to get answers and wondering if paying for a TA would help with this issue.


Thanks!! :)

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Congrats Lisa! You'll find lots of great ideas on this forum. A TA might be helpfull, but not necessary if you have the time to do a bit of your own research. I've heard that some wedding coordinators can be a bit hard to get a hold of via email.... but try give them a call.


Best of luck!

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Hi Lisa!


Check out the top banner to the forum and you will see three of the TA that a lot of the brides in the forum work with. They are very firendly, very helpful and used to Destination Weddings. I think you will like working with them.

Welcome to the forum and happy planning! smile29.gif

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