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  1. Hi Nikki! I am sure you have done a lot of work and I am also sure you will have the greatest wedding over there! Wlecome to the forum!
  2. You want to know something funny? I think it took me 6 months to figure out how to post my very first Newbie Thread! My FI does this computer stuff! Actually now that I think of it I believe he is the one who taught me how to do it. SO PLEASE dont feel bad. On top of everything you are so lucky to be having your wedding at Dreams Resort Los Cabos because so many brides here will have lots of advice. and happy planning
  3. JessicaPV

    1st post

    I dont believe I have heard of that location but I bet its beautiful, and I also wish that you find all the info you need here! Congrats! If you have pictures of your location you should share them, I would love to see them!!!
  4. oops....double post I think it might be getting late! Sorry about that.
  5. YEAH! I Love PV! Sept 2009 PV bride here! Best of luck planning everything and of course any questions are welcome as well. There is a really cool sub-forum where you can get all kinds of different threads about PV DW! Best of luck!
  6. Dont worry you will catch up! How cool is it that you already have so much information and you are posting your first newbie thread! Wow, this is a great place to be! Make sure to check out the sub-forum for all the Riveria Maya Brides! Welcome to the forum!
  7. Hello Michelle, I am also a new FI and cant wait for my destination wedding! Congrats and I am super excited for you and your best friend/FI. Make sure you ask lots of questions to all the Jamaica brides!
  8. Hi Milana! We are so glad you could join us here! The Riviera Maya is so gorgeous we are sure your wedding will be perfect! Make sure you check the Riviera Maya sub-forum for valuable info. Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  9. JessicaPV

    hello everyone!

    Well you have come to the right place there are many Cabo Brides here ready to help you! Make sure you ask all the questions you can to get the full royal treatment!!!
  10. Hello! Welcome to the forum! I am not sure what happen to you at the Knot but I do hope that you get everything you need here!
  11. Hi Natalie! Welcome to the Forum and Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! Indeed there are many thing you can do from Atlanta. There are many resources that have valuable info about PV. Checkout the Puerto Vallarta sub-forum in here. Lots of threads with info! Again welcome and happy planning!
  12. JessicaPV


    Hi Jenny! Make sure you check the Riviera Maya sub-forum for lots of info already posted! Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  13. Hi KayLMR! For info on the Riu PV make sure you look at the Puerto Vallarta sub-forum as well as the Wedding Reviews sub-forum for valuable information already available on them! The best way to do this is by running searches. Let us know if you need help with this, OK? In the meantime welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  14. Hi Allie! Welcome to Puerto Vallarta and Welcome ot the forum! Make sure you make it to the Wedding Reviews sub-forum and run a search for "Riu". I am sure you will find reviews from previous brides with lots of details!
  15. JessicaPV


    Hi Danielle! Congratulations on your Mayan Riviera wedding! You will find lots of info on the site, and if you can find it just ask the question! For the price question, how about running a search on "price" or "affordable" in the Mayan Riviera sub-forum! Welcome and happy planning!
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