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Cheeky Present Grabbing **** or I am I wrong lol

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#1 Hartyt509

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    Posted 02 February 2009 - 10:06 AM

    If this is long I apologise but i'm furious and can't decide whether its justified or not lol My friends are giving me mixed feelings lol

    I'm only from a small family but my cousins are all at least 16 years older than me so they have kids that are younger than me by about 7 years upwards.

    Anyway the youngest one just had a baby, I haven't seen her for over a year and know roughly where they live but the estate is massive and I won't go anywhere unless i'm invited I was brought up properly lol

    So I sent over a present for the baby via another cousin and said look I don't know where they live so please give her this from me. Did I get a thank you? That would be no lol So christmas comes and again I send a pressie. Again did I get a thank you? No lol By this time I thought right you can sod off can't be bothered with rude people lol

    One of my other family members had a birthday party for her 2 year old and said of if you could you can see the baby! I said sorry can't make it and I couldn't so I didn't get to see the baby. Btw they ALL know where I live and my phone number lol

    Anyway I get up yesterday morning and open the door about 11am and FI hands me this card with both our names on, no address so it was obviously hand delivered!!, they didn't even knock lol So its a come to the christening card but just to the church! RSVP by the 4th lmao No address where to reply to either!!

    That was it i blew my stack lol my initial thoughts were you are can shove it up your arse i am no-one's last thought and I am sure as hell not sending ANOTHER present. This kid is 4 months old and i've not seen it lol

    So am I being paranoid or does that all sound grabbing to you lol

    #2 tylersgirl

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      Posted 02 February 2009 - 12:46 PM

      IMO I wouldn't send a present. Sounds like you have done enough! I would expect thank you notes or at least a thank you phone call. It's so rude not to send a thank you or call!!!

      #3 trance_angelx0x

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        Posted 02 February 2009 - 02:07 PM

        Some parents just have no manners... Not the kids fault though

        #4 FutureMrsLewis

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          Posted 02 February 2009 - 06:44 PM

          I'm assuming that they don't live that far, so there's no reason why they couldn't at least call, or better yet bring the baby over so you could see it. And you clearly told the other cousin that you didn't know where they live, that's why they had to deliver the present for you, so they KNOW why you haven't come to visit. I think your cousin is being a douche and doesn't deserve any more presents or any more attention. I'd tell her to buzz off

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