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Passport covers for BM and the mothers

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Yay, girls!!! I'm so excited. I ordered these 2 days ago as gifts for my BM's and for my mom and joe's mom. Of course they are getting more than just these. But I thought passport covers would be cute, but they would hate having the same as someone else. So, i went to etsy and the seller was so great. I picked out the fabrics i liked. So, I bought 5 and got 1 free! when I went to pay I didn't even pay attention to what she wrote. She said if I wanted another (which I would have done for myself!) I could get another one free! So buy 6 get 2 free! I'm going to message her and see if she'd be willing to give me another one! But anyways, I spent $40. Not bad for 6 handmade passport covers. Here is her info: Etsy :: StarlitNestGifts :: Prices have been reduced on many items!!!


And here's what I'm getting!


Click the image to open in full size.



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