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My STD Boarding Passes *Feedback Please*

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Okay my computer crashed last night as I was posting...so lets try this one more time....


I finished my STD Boarding passes after seeing tons of inspiration from everyone on this board. (Originally I was just going to send out an email) I'm not going to lie...I think mine ended up being a hodge podge of the ideas that I saw here! You guys had such great ideas!! Anyways...since you guys seem to have such a spectacular eye for this stuff I was hoping that I could get some feedback on what you think. I'll post my boarding pass ticket jackets when I'm done with those too.


The brown that I used doesen't show up that well on the screen but prints GREAT!! I used wmtrees1, scriptina, and GE out to sea as my specialty fonts. Found at dafont.com.


If nothing else I hope this could lend some inspiration to someone else or serve as a template. (Gotta give back to the forum that inspired me after all)


I'll be sure to post pictures of the completed product too. wink.gif



Save the Date-Post.ppt

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