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  1. Thanks everyone, the pink bags are for my bridesmaids not OOT, i'm using a brown bag with handles and putting a sticker with our logo on it for the OOT bags....can't wait
  2. This is one of the bridesmaid bags I got for 5.99 from customizedgirl.com Some of stuff in bag old navy flip flops $1.65 online when you order 5 Bath and Body Lotion and Gel Passport Cover 1.65 then printed on paper Luggae Tag$5.00 Charming Charlies Maid of Honor shirt Forever 21 $3.00 Maid of Honor Letters Hobby Lobby Earrings Charming Charlie K Book $1.00 at Micheals OOT Bag Stuff Menu and Place Cards Fans for ceremony Program Stickers
  3. Daniella has been of great help to us. You just need to bug her so she will respond, she already sent me our price sheet five months prior to the wedding.
  4. Im so sorry, you will be a beautiful bride no matter what and im sure everything will turn out for the best......keep your head up! it will all work out!
  5. Thanks Michelle, i jsut want light food, mexican is so heavy, i will have to think abou the favors...............
  6. I'm having a bridesmaid appreciation brunch for my bridesmaids and I'm not sure what to have for food. Two of my bridesmaids hate veggies. I want something memorable. We are doing at 1:00 in the afternoon. Also nothing to heavy bc we are having my bachelorette party that night too. Help and does anyone have ideas for fun lil favors that I can stick in some bags. I will be giving their gifts to them too but wanted to have a fun favor. Thanks!
  7. I got a Tacori engangment ring and love it. I was looking at their earrings and don't want to spend the $$$ on them, so this site is awesome thanks sooo much!
  8. Christian Louboutin is going down on there prices, well some of their shoes.........if you go to barneys.com or saks.com or even put sale louboutin in google search engine, you can get good deal! i got a pair for 450 opposed to 975.00 good luck!
  9. Wow, everything looks amazing, i'm gong to have to steal the mexican bags for oot!
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