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Is your marriage in Cuba legal In Canada?

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Your marriage is legal in Canada.


All you have to do is wait for your marriage certificate to come (they have to register it in an international database so this takes awial....5 months about). When you sign papers int he ceremony in Cuba, there just isn't one - there are several. I swear my hand started cramping. But its so that its legal anywhere.


Once your marriage certificate comes, most places will accept it. And if they dont, its only becasue its in Spanish so you simply have to get it translated. Mine was accepted everywhere, including the banks.


You'll just have to keep your maiden name for awial until you get your certificate.

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I too live in a small town, the 'unofficial' certificate i left with was enough to change my DL and banking info.... I still have to get to the OHIP office for my health card...


it was really easy!

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Yep... pretty much


You'll need to send copies of


-grooms passport

- brides passport

- witnesses (2) non blood related passports

- grooms birth cert

- brides birth cert


and fill in the forms provided by your resort... all the forms and the above copies are faxed to your resort 3 weeks before departure... your WC will take care of everything else!

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