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Recommendations for a resort in Cuba

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#1 jackobelle

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    Posted 24 January 2009 - 03:21 PM

    My FI and I are leaning towards Cuba for our DW. From the research I have done, it is by far the easiest country to get married in that is also affordable. (for Canadians) I am a teacher and so are 2 people in our wedding party so we have to go during March break which, unfortunately, is one of the most expensive times to go away.

    We want to keep the trip affordable for our guests. The one thing we are worried about is we have heard the food is not great in Cuba.

    Has anyone been to a resort that they can recommend? We are looking at 4 stars and 4+ stars, as the 5 stars will be too expensive, and we think the 3 stars won't be that nice.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions & advice!!

    :) Jackie

    #2 katnip

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      Posted 24 January 2009 - 06:22 PM

      Where in Cuba are you thinking? We absolutely loved Sol Cayo Guillermo in Cayo Coco. We're planning our wedding for Varadero and have narrowed down based on price, reviews and recommendations to Iberostar Playa Alameda, Barcelo Marina Palace with the favourite being Tryp Peninsula. We're getting quotes for Jan around 1500 tax incl, not sure what they would be over march break. Good luck choosing!!

      #3 jackobelle

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        Posted 24 January 2009 - 06:35 PM

        I think Veradero. My FI wants to play golf with his wedding party and there are golf courses nearby. I have heard Cayo Coco is beautiful but there is not much to do there. It is so hard to choose something. All the resorts start to look the same while going through the travel books!! I think it is usually about $200 - $300 more for March break, whatever resort you choose. We are hoping to find something for about $1500 plus tax give or take $100 or 2.

        I am also having a hard time because the books just say "wedding pkg available" but they don't say for how much or what it includes.

        #4 jackobelle

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          Posted 24 January 2009 - 07:04 PM

          Katnip - I just spoke to my mom and she went to see a travel agent who also recommended the Tryp Peninsula. She said it is newer and some of the resorts in Veradero are getting a little old and 'tired'.

          #5 alishadawn20

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            Posted 24 January 2009 - 07:20 PM

            We just got back from the Blau Varadero which is in Varadero (obviously). Check my review in the Cuba section, as I included some pictures.
            It was a 4 star resort, and we went for $1587 including taxes (each), and the wedding was $350.

            It was awesome and I totally reccomend it. The food in Cuba is a concern, but only if your really picky. There were 25 of us, and I'd say 20 of us were happy with the food. The other 5 were picky with everything. Just have to understand that its a different country, and they aren't going to have Alberta AAA Beef! Although I must say I loved the beef, its from Argentine....

            Anyways...no the food is fine as long as you have an open mind. We sure didn't starve!

            #6 sarafish81

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              Posted 25 January 2009 - 01:38 AM

              We are getting married at Playa Pesquero in Holguin. I've heard really good things about it and we did a TON of research on all-inclusives throughout Cuba. My FI is a teacher too - so we are going over his spring break in April :)
              Good luck narrowing down your search. It can get overwhelming, but there is a ton of information on this forum as well as tripadvisor.

              #7 katnip

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                Posted 25 January 2009 - 11:04 AM

                That's the reason we choose Varadero as well since there is more to do, yes cayo coco is beautiful but the nearest town is 2 hours away with not much to see. To get info on the wedding packages I emailed the wedding coordinators for each resort, however if you choose a melia, sol you can go on their website Cuba Hotels - Hotels in Cuba by Sol MeliĀ” Cuba and they have the wedding packages listed....tryp is considered a melia. The wedding coordinator for this chain based in Toronto recommended going with the free package and then adding the extras you want (she said it was more cost effective).

                Thanks for the update on Tryp, that is exactly what I have heard and that the food is good there (having been in cuba i know what to expect). If fact when we spoke to the wedding rep for SolMelia she lit up when we said we were interested in Tryp, she has been there and really recommended it with a good layout, good food and beautiful resort!

                Good luck again and if you need any ideas let me know, or email addresses for the resorts I listed before. Cheers!

                #8 teacherbride

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                  Posted 25 January 2009 - 06:10 PM

                  I just got married at the Playa Pesquero Resort in Holguin. There's not a ton to do off the resort but it's a beautiful resort and we were very happy with everything!

                  #9 jackobelle

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                    Posted 25 January 2009 - 08:59 PM

                    Thanks for the input! I am going with my mom to Melia Las Antillas in March, to escape the COLD winter here and to check out some resorts for the wedding next year. I'd be more than happy to share what we find out when we get home!

                    #10 itsfinallyhere

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                      Posted 09 April 2009 - 09:35 PM

                      Try Checking out the Sirenis La Sirenis. It is in Varadero. Some tour operators give it a 4 star others a 4.5 stars.

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