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Calling all November 2009 Brides!

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Sorry that I do not know more about the Nov weather in Jamaica.


I did want to share the I sent my STD's out this week.


Here is a pic:


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by Erika J View Post
Ha ha ha.. that is great about "ordering invites after all"!!! I am acutally laughing out loud! I think my fiance will be singing the same tune.

So the dress shopping:
I went to David's in park meadows and aurora. (much better experience at the aurora one 225 and Alameda, ask for Sarah, she knows her stuff).

I also had a very nice expericen at D'Aneli's in Lakewood (alameda and wadsworth) Anjelle was my consultant and she has been doing it 9 years and had a good eye for it.

I FOUND THE DRESS at Bea's Bridal Nook in Cherry Creek (6th Ave and Detroit) Emmi helped me there a few times and when the dress in the first pic came she called me and low and it was amazing. I have also heard amazing things about Bea's in house alterations.

I also went to Bridal Connections - kind of dirty /no help/ not so fond of it.

I did go to chicago twice to look at dresses so that is where i did the other half of my shopping.

Let me know how your experience goes.

BTW, where is Azul Fives?

I think I'll check out Bea's too. I've been to the Bridal Collection and found some things I liked (good service, too). I've heard D'Annelli's has a good selection of bridesmaid gowns, so I'm going to check out that place too.

Azul Fives is a resort in Playa Del Carmen, just fyi.

Your save the dates look great! I hope you and your fiance survived "craft time"!

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Another November 2009 Bride here...I am sooo excited!!!!





Flower girls



Trip booked

STD’s sent (16 booked so far!!!)


Wedding website


To Do

oPick Wedding Dress

oBM & GM attire

oFlower girl attire


oBridal party gifts


Now I am just trying to figure out things to make up the OOT bag…


I am totally torn on the dress situation; does anyone here in Alberta know a good place for destination gowns? I found a dress that I love but I think I may be too hot in it, it’s not really heavy but it’s not very flowy either. Where did you all get your dresses and who is the designer? Pictures and dress style would be awesome!!!

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Welcome jetsbride! I found a great dress (but not your typical wedding dress) after looking for weeks online...then once I found it I googled to see if any of the shops here in Calgary carried the designer, and since only one did, and she had the exact dress in my size to try on (total fluke!) I got really lucky and got it for half price in her sample sale (only $800!!!!) It's a Nicole Miller crinkled taffeta gown...you can find them online.


So I have put out the message to all our invited guests that they need to book with their deposit by the end of the month or there is a chance our group pricing might increase (something to do with the Canadian dollar being in the crapper right now)...which is a good thing for me so I have a better idea on how many people to expect so I can start working on OOT bags and all that stuff.


Get this...my FI's brother is getting married in July, and I had a "thing" with his fiance a few months ago (a long story but basically after me & my FI decided on a DW, she changed her mind from a local wedding to a DW...and she wanted to have it 7 months before ours! I had it out with her over that! In the end she's now having it fairly local after a lot of pressure from multiple sources)...anyway, I just found out that she is so mad at me over this that she is not inviting me to their wedding and she skipped the family Christmas because she doesn't want to see me! What a beeatch! I could care less about her having a hate-on for me, but I feel so bad about my FI's mom...she's going to be so upset! She is SO excited both her boys are getting married this year (finally...they're 40 and 37 yrs!!!) and this is going to kill her!


My FI asked me if I would be willing to extend an olive branch, but I'm not sure what to do...I want to because of the family, but I don't want to because I feel its like I'd be rewarding bad behaviour! And I don't feel badly about how I reacted to her at all! (I admit I could have handled it differently but hindsight is 20/20 and you don't mess with a bride-to-be and her wedding plans!).


What to do, what to do...I'm just happy with the progress in my own plans...286 days to go!!!

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Originally Posted by Erika J View Post
Hoosierfan-- Azul fives looks amazing, I have been stalking it online, and it looks so beautiful. Your wedding will be fantastic.
Thanks Erika! It hasn't opened yet, but should be up and running by November.

How many guests are you planning for? We've invited 150, are planning for 100 and thinking we may only have 75. The economy is not helping out this year - even with 9 months for guests to plan for it. Grr! November seems like the perfect time to go to Mexico for those in colder climates, especially, but we're running up against Thanksgiving which makes it a bit sticky.

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We have invited 122. But we know very well that over half could not make it but invited them out of etiquette.


Orginally we thought 50-60, but now with the economy, I think our expectations will be more like 35-45. (which, if you can keep a secret, is perfectly fine with me, in my head perfect wedding would be about 40).



I orginally wanted to get married on the 21st but my BFF's brother is getting married that day so I planed around it.

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