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Calling all November 2009 Brides!

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Originally Posted by SgtPepperette View Post
I am LOVING all these pictures!!!! They all are so beautiful!!! Great photogs November brides :)

I should be getting my pro pictures in the next week. Keeping my fingers crossed. Our photog is working on one more wedding before ours.

When I got back to work after the wedding I was offered a possible promotion. For the time being Im working both jobs, and am very overwhelmed. I feel like I really have to prove myself to get a decent raise. So for the first time ever I did something I said I wouldnt do. I brought work home. Bleh. Not fun. But I think I potentially have a chance to increase my salary by a substantial amount. At least Im keeping my fingers crossed!

I cant believe we just a month has already gone by since the wedding! Where does the time go? After the wedding Ill be diving into planning the AHR. We have a very strict budget since we are trying to get out of our current house and into a new one. So I will have to get very creative!
Congratulations on the possible promotion! I'm sure you'll do great. I had something similar happen-we got back and my work load went from covering 2 offices to 6..... in one way it was frustrating but it's kind of nice to have something to focus on to keep me from having the post-wedding blahs.

Looking forward to those pro-pics girl....

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I LOVE all the pictures-everyone looks gorgeous. CONGRATULATIONS.

I think it'll still be WEEKS before I get mine and I'm so impatient lol. But I will post just as soon as I get them!

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