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Floating Candles

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For the cocktail hour (which is a different area then the rest of the reception) we're going to a glass fishbowl with colorful shells under water.


Then once everyone moves over to the reception sight I'm going to have Maye move these over to where the buffet is being set up and add floating candles.


So anyway I am now I the search for cute, inexpensive and easy to carry floating candles! So I figured I'd post up what i find and if you guys have any resources please let me know!


100 Candles - Candles, Candle Holders, Gel Candles, Scented Candles, Aromatherapy and more

I love the floating gerber daisies but they're a little more than I want to spend.


Floating Candles, Daisy, Gerbert Daisy, Sunflower, centerpieces, weddings, receptions

Unfortunately these aren't my colors sad.gif


Welcome to Koyal Wholesale :: Your Distribution Partner! - Gerber Daisy Floating Candles

These could work because the price is good but they're out of stock!


Red Rose Floating Candles 2½" (24 candles) 24 for $11.76 ($.49 each) Unscented

These are OK - but since we're doing gerber daisy centerpieces would rose candles look weird?


100 Candles - Floating Candles 12Pc. - Black Cherry Candles With Holders Floating Red Black Cherry

These are nice but I'm vervous about trying to pack glass...



If anyone sees anything like this for less please let me know!

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i got floating candles also for my AHR...kash, if you see some that are wholesale prices but you need a business license to get, let me know...i have one...we have a local flower mart and the price was 50% less if you had your wholesale license.

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