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Totally lost when trying to plan a wedding

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Hi My name is Michelle. My boyfriend and I got engaged this past July while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Brandon isnt much of the wedding planning type so here I am trying my best to do everything alone. Right now Im contemplating getting married in either St Thomas or Jamaica but not sure which is better. I also am looking at either Breezes or Beaches since they have free weddings if you stay at their hotels. The dates I have in my head are either May 2010 or Nov. 2009 but since I dont want a reception in the wintertime Im leaning more towards May. I am open to any suggestions that anyone can give me.


Thank you




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Hi there,

Congratulations and good luck with the planning. There is heaps of helpful stuff on this site so I'm sure it'll help you lots!


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Hi Michelle!


I am new too and also lost, but for various reasons I ended up deciding on Mexico. Nonetheless, first I looked into St. Thomas. I looked at this villa, which was super nice and reasonable if you want to try and house a bunch of people together. She also gave me a ton o f vendor names. Here are my emails from her:


"Have you tried us virgin islands catering, st. john catering - Passion Fruit Chefs, they catered several wedding at

our property before."


"Please email Shelly at shellycakesvi@yahoo.com. She will be able to quote

you. You can also give her give her a budget to work, so you will be able

to control the cost. She is very flexible.


$8000 to $10000 seems high for a wedding and reception for 13-15 people.

Please ask that wedding coordinator to give you a breakdown, so you are

aware what you are getting and try to get a better deal from other

professional. It is hard for me to estimate how much our guest usually

spend on a wedding, as it is very personal and price will largely depends

on the number of guest and their personal preference. Some of our guests

are very talented and handy. They will just hire a caterer to cater for

the receptioin and suggest the same caterer to help with the decoration,

flower and photographer.


It is very kind of you to descript Sand Dollar as a resort. It is just

our home and we are fortunate enough to share with a lot of wonderful



"Congratulation! Certainly, you are welcome to marry at Sand Dollar. A

lot of our guests chose to marry on our beach and have the reception by

the pool or on the covered deck.


The actual logistics, legalities and marriage application process is quite

simple, please call the Superior Court of St. Thomas at 340-774-6680.

They will be the best person to advice you about the marriage licence.....

I don't expect there is any different if you are American and your finance

is Swedish.


Depends on personal preference and the size of bridal party, some of our

guests hired local caterer which also provide wedding planning service. I

will be happy to give you serval names for comparison. Our chief,

Shelly, is not a wedding planner, but her son married at our home last

year. She will be happy to help you. She can also arrange for flower,



The following rates had included the 30% discount and I also waived the

$1000 venue fee:


13 people.........$11,725+8% tax

15 people.........$12,215+8% tax


Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with."


"Thank you for your inquiry of Sand Dollar. We don't have additional

charge for children. Please advise how many will be staying at our

property, so I can quote you correctly.


Since you are travelling from Europe to stay with us, we would like to

extend a 30% discount to your renta."


The villa itself is: CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORTS - St. Thomas Villa Rental with Private Pool & Private Beach


Good luck!!!!! If you have any Mexico research, share it with me

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