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  1. Us Airways The airline was wonderful we landed before our arrival time which was great. and they put my dress up with the pilot things. TourWise, Was also great we stopped and got jerked chicken and drinks, he gave us pretty much of a tour while traveling to Ochi Resort: It was lovely very lovely, I meet with Nikki and Chandlyn on the day of arrival which was cool get all the main stuff out of the way before guest were expect in. I had a luggage of things for the ladies but they were more then eagger to take them and to make my dreams come true, they did everything I asked them to do, and more Reception Mammae Bay it was very good however the steak were very tough to eat, shrimp was great Dancing Disco We took the decorations over and lite candles all over there and had the bartender to make us a drink of the night for all of our guest, and it was very good as well St Anne: Okay this is were it gets ugly at, the day of my welcome dinner all my guest were seated and talking and having a real good time, and when I went down to eat my food a worm yes I said a worm was looking at me wiggling his neck around, I was mad did not no how to act to not spoil it for my guest neither did I want them to be eating some foreing worm, I tried to talk to the people there and they tried to reslve my issue but it did not work, however I got over it Jerk Hut The BOMB could not wait everday for it to open Wedding Cake, great white with stawberry Flowers Tai Flora Jenevia "attitude problem" once i saw her I found out why she is expecting Jet Skis " Watch them they will try to get you for $60" you should only pay a bout $10-$15 for 30min Queen Denise "loved her with the scuba crew she is the best Photoshop Great I got the video and some pictures loved them all and I cant wait to go back Thanks Kherrod for all you did to assist me on the way thanks to all that has been part of the lovel forum
  2. How do I make arrangements at the spa for hair and makeup
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Pochaccobaby143 I just got back from ROR and my wedding was August 8, 2009. Nikki gave me the choice of just either chocolate or vanilla or both. I chose both, 2 tiers were chocolate and 1 tier was vanilla. The frosting is a buttercream and to my surprise the cake was actually very good. Usually wedding cakes don't taste too great but this was a pleasant surprise. Don't waste your money to upgrade, I had 42 people at my wedding and it was plenty. Good luck! Hello and Congrats? You were please with your cake that is good to hear that saves me money, how much was your total spent and do you have pictures any words of advise
  4. Hello, I have tons to do it seems like, my fans still need to be assembled and I do not have my cermony done at all,
  5. That is so nice im walking down with that song great song to come out just for us BRIDES
  6. Congrats, My wedding is 9/9/2009 cant wait for the details
  7. Hello thanks for the info, I will be getting married as well at the RoR however I was really confused with the pictures I have a ? how much are you paying for the pictures for the ttd and how many pictures are you going to receive as well, thanks
  8. You are not crazy at all, Im a little what can I say over the board person and I was planning my own shower as well however, my friends have start calling asking about it and I asked them if I could at least help out, in one area at least
  9. I have not heard of anything like that but as soon as you get any info please keep me updated
  10. I would love order some if some people would like to go in and split a order I need only 40
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