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well...umm...I guess...HERE!

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Okay, I wouldn't say that my proposal was perfect and what you would see in a traditional romcom....but it was perfect and makes me laugh every time I think about it.


We have been dating forever.....had just hit 8 years a few months before the proposal. We had talked about getting married, we had shopped for rings, we had looked at rings online, I had pestered him (I'm not proud of it!)...so I wasn't 'really' surprised when it happened, but the it happened was so sweet.


We headed up to the cottage (cabin/ summer place/ whatever you want to call a second summer vacation property : P) for the Victoria Day Long Weekend (May 24 in Canada~). This is our favourite place on earth and secretly where I hoped he would propose.


We always spend a week up there every year making fabulous dinners, relaxing by the fire, hanging out together and relaxing. A day into our long weekend we made an amazing dinner together (basically our favourite dinner, complete with amazing wine and great conversation) and then headed outside to hang out by the fire.


We spent a while talking and when there was a lull in the conversation he stopped...dug into his pocket and said "well...umm...I guess...HERE!" and shoved the ring into my hands as though it was covered in burning hot magma.


After asking him a few times what he had given me (even though I knew), and getting no response, I opened the box. In it was a beautiful engagement ring.....


I looked up. He was crying...I was crying. But still he said NOTHING.


I said a few things. He said nothing.


He hugged me and kissed me.


'You still haven't asked me properly!' I said, laughing through tears.


So...he got down on one knee, threw his arms wide and yelled 'Jennifer Smith will you marry me'.


So cute. Afterward he said he froze...he wanted the proposal to be perfect and, after carrying the ring around in his pocket for 2 days, the ring was burning a hole in his pocket. He had to get rid of it! (Hence the ring shove and ensuing panic).


It's cute that after all this time he was still nervous.


So, I know this isn't the perfect proposal, but to me it was perfect because it was real. It was sweet and it was funny.


And it still makes me laugh, and it doesn't make everyone around me nauseous when I tell the story :P

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Very cute! I would agree that it's the perfect proposal-totally real and at a meaningful spot for both of you. My FI was nervous too...it's a good thing we were in the water, otherwise he would have been dripping with sweat! It's so cute how nervous they get...


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I feel guilty that I came back to read it again because I love the story.


I'd love to see what his version of the story would be in his words. I love when people do that - so many great stories on here!

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It's perfect for the two of you...My FI was nervous too even though we have been dating for 7 years, live together, and booked our wedding date before we were engaged!! He still managed to surprise me when he did it!


I think your story is really cute and you'll always remember it!

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