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  1. Thanks everyone!! I can not wait to put up my review and of course more pictures.... of the resort too! It was amazing!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by iberostar09 Mylee - Congrats!!!! I just noticed Enrique was your minister?? He was ours 3 months ago! Did you choose him outside from the resort or is he doing weddings at the Iberostars now? He was so sweet! Thank you! He was amazing, but yes Iberostar now has him do all the weddings! I love his little quotes he keeps telling the couple to live by!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BeachBride10 I love your hair. Where did you get your groomsmen outfits? Beautiful pics... wish I could have use your photographer I actually got the groomsman outfits from Macys last fall. I got such a good deal on them. I think each full outfit cost 50.00 at the most!! If your wedding isnt til may I would wait til fall to buy anything! You will get great deal!
  4. you looked beautiful and i love your pictures cant wait to see more!! =)
  5. pictures look great! you looked beautiful!!! i hope your day was perfect!
  6. Hello girls...im posting for all your girls that love pictures!!! =) I was supposed to have my wedding at the Iberostar Quetzal and Tucan. However, cause of the low census they closed the resort down. iIth my complaining they moved us to the Grand Iberostar!! =) It was the best week ever! Our photographer was Lidya Solemidt and she was wonderful. She gave me every single picture on a disc and copyright to them! I am working on my reivew and will add several pictures to that. Until then here is her link with a few of them. Our wedding is under "Mylee & Andrew" Lidya Solemidt
  7. I just got married down at the iberostars on the 14th. Originally it was planned for the quetzal but because of the swine flu scare they were low census. They moved us to the grand and had the wedding at the maya. It was wonderful! The wedding coordinator has changes as Mayra has gone back home to plan her own wedding. The new coordinator is Gabriela who is wonderful!! She used to be the coordinator at the Lindo and Maya. No worries. also the emial is the same.... hope this helps relieve your worries! =)
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Chicagogirl Mylee84, I am so sorry....... I am also supposed to get married at the Tucan, but not till November. I just sent an email to both wedding coordinators at the tucan and at the lindo/ maya. I will call my TA during lunch today. I will let you know any info I hear that could be pertinent to a wedding so close! Keep your head up, no matter where it is it will be beautiful!!!!!!!!! -- Jen Jen! Have you been to the Tucan yet? If not you will love it! My favorite part was going to be wedding pictures in there little jungle!!! It is gorgeous! I think Mexico should be back and running by the time you get to have your wedding and it will be beautiful!! Thanks for the response!!! =) Mylee
  9. Hi girls, I do not really follow this thread as many of you are not from tucan or quetzal! However I wanted to let anyone interested know that the tucan and quetzal is closed at this point due to the low census (swine flu). I was suppose to get married there next thursday =( anyways they are moving us to the Iberostar Paraiso Maya. What do you girls think? I would appreciate any info you have?? THANKS =)
  10. well i am trying to keep up with this thread but there are so many posts. I wanted to say i am so sorry for all you girls that had to cancel their weddings! My heart is with you! We have looked into a plan B but it just would work out. Everyone was still wanting to go to Mexico. Anyways the only problem we ran into was my best friends job told her she had to stay off work for 10 days once she got back. Well she talked to her boss and if she goes to the doctor and gets a note before she goes back she is good to go. So maybe you girls that are still trying to go to mexico could have guests go to the doc when they get back?? I hope this helps some!
  11. Welcome! Im getting married there may 14th!! congrats!
  12. I dont have pictures. Its at the bridal shop still. I can get the dress on its just super tight. I dont think I will need 4 inches taken out at all. If it looks bad then friday I am on the search for a new dress!! =) I am just not going to stress about it. Everything happens for a reason! =) Thanks for all your responses!!
  13. I have thick hair so I am not sure if this will be different for you. I ordered head kandy hair extensions and LOVED them. My hair dresses put them in for one of my showers and they looked awesome. She back combed my hair so they were really secure. But when i was messing around with them at my house my hair was really greasy (im not dirty my hair just needed to be washed hehe ) and thin and they were fine. you may want to check them out!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jingles202 OH NO! The dress is a Maggie Sottero...I was just in a Bridal Shop today and they were recommending a Maggie Sottero! Good...Bad....Please let me know! Good luck with the dress. I have no idea what it will look like if the dress has to be let out! The dress is wonderful!! My sister in law had a maggie dress too and it was just beautiful! Mine is just too small =(
  15. So I dont know if any of you remember but my dress dilemma got worse!!! I ordered a size 2 as recommended by the bridal shop lady. It came in about two months ago and it was deformed. Maggie Sottero had to cut a new one and it just got here. Mind you i leave in less that 4 weeks. And now its TOO SMALL!! It needs let out and its chiffon. My question to you girls is will you be able to tell with that material that it has been let out! I am so screwed if it looks bad! and I may just have to go in my bikini!! hehe HELP
  16. I know this is an old thread but I may be in need of your dress!!!! I was wondering if it was white? Hope you still check BDW!!! =)
  17. oh i love that!! and i really needed that for today!! too bad a read it before bed! I can still use it for tomorrow though =) thanks for sharing
  18. Hi girls! I am wanting to buy a sexy little bride hoodie size small form victorias secret. They are no longer in stock on the website. Now on ebay they are putting the prices up to 70 dollars! So if any of you have one that you are done with I would love to buy it off of you!!! THANKS!!
  19. i got two really cute dressed from boston proper.... it kind of seems like an older lady store but they have really cute things!
  20. I have these but I have yet to try and use them yet. I am planning to use it for the wedding.
  21. Im not sure but I do have a funny story about this. My fiance and I went to my future mother in laws house with our 1 year old yorkie poo, Sampson. (He has NEVER lifted his leg to pee) we let him walk around outside for about 5 minutes before going in the house so he could do his business. The second we let him in the door he heads straight for the lazy boy lifts his leg and pees all over that chair! It was the funniest thing! Of course my future mother in law gave him a treat after he peed all over her chair. hehehe!
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