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Ok, so I originally bought a really informal wedding dress that I love.


But the other week I fell in love with a more traditional looking dress on ebay, and snagged it since the price was great. (I now plan on using dress #1 for the reception because it will be easier for me to move around in).


So, dress number 2 had my measurements, and when I got it was absolutely beautiful and fit great everywhere except the bust area (I need more boobs!!).


It's not quite as snug as I'd like it to be. It's not terrible, but could stand to be taken in a couple of inches.


Problem, I am over budget as is, and considering the pricing I've seen mentioned for alterations, I don't want to spend that money (if it's as expensive as I think it will be). In addition, my wedding is coming up soon so I don't even know if I will have time.


What should I do? Just wear it anyway? Any tricks to make it fit more snugly?


The ceremony is only 15 minutes, and 40 minutes after for pictures, then I'm changing into the other dress. I don't think it'll fall off or anything, I've tried it on and moved around and it's ok, just kinda puffs out ever so slight on the sides where I don't fill it out enough. Do you think it'll look crazy though?

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can you post a pic of the new dress? that might help me understand what might work to help it fit.


as far as the bust goes - can you just buy one of those super push up big boob bras from victorias secret or something? have you checked on the cost of alterations? i think you still have plenty of time if you get it in quickly. does the dress have a sash or anything like that? could one be added?


just some thoughts...

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I agree that if you could post a photo we might be able to help?


Have you seen those fake boobs that my friends and I call "chicken cutlets"? They are like little beige/pink breasts and you just stick them in your bra. My A-cup friends swear by them!

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hmm. yeah, maybe if i stick some of those "chicken cutlet" boobs on it will help. The back of the dress is really low so i'm still trying to find a bra for it. I'm trying to avoid those stick on cup bras.


i will try and take pics later. the fi is home right now!

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you might be able to find somewhere that will do cheap alterations, not everywhere is ridiculous, you could get lucky, it would be worth checking. I think you'll be happier with it, if it fits good.


I agree with the other girls though, you might be able to get a really thick bra and it might make it a little snugger

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Ok here are my suggestions:


1. Shop around and see if some place will do the alterations for you cheaper. I don't know how detailed the dress is, but if it doesn't have too much detailing you could always go to a regular dry cleaners and just have them take in the bust part for you. It could not possibly cost more than $50-$100. And even that is expensive. Trust me there are cheap places to get things alter and they do great jobs.


2. I would need to see a pic of the dress to see if this would work but you should def get the chicken cutlet inserts. Actually everyone sticks them inside their bra but my gay friends who are designers said that the stars like Eva Longoria tape the cutlets to the outside of the bra. Apparently it enhances things even better. You can easily do this with double sided tape or crazy glue. If you can wear a traditional bra (with straps I mean) then you can pull the straps in the back behind your neck and tie them with something. This automatically pushes your boobs up and gives the illusion of bigger boobs. I know some stars (Paris Hilton) wears two padded bras on top of each other to make herself look like she has boobs. Another trick is to put socks underneath your bust and it will automatically push your boobs up. This all sounds ridiculous but hey if it works that's all that matters right?



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