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Hello All!


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Hi everyone, my name is Jenn!


I am planning on getting married in Kauai on July 9th or 10th of 2009. My boyfriend, or should I say fiance just proposed to me last week, but we've known that we wanted to get married for a while. We have been together almost 10 years (and we're only 26!!!). hit.gif


I would to hear any suggestions about venues for the ceremony and reception! We are going to have about 50 people there. I would like it to be very close to the beach or least have a beach view.


I'm so excited and can't wait to hear from you all!!!!!!!


Jenn K

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Congrats and welcome, Jenn!


Check out this place:

Starwood Hawaii Hotels & Resorts ? Princeville Resort ? Princeville, Kauai Vacation - home


It's a beautiful resort. They are renovating it, and it will reopen in the Spring of 2009. The name is being changed to the St. Regis Princeville Resort.


You also might want to check out this place:



BTW, I highly recommend taking a helicopter tour of the island. My wife and I took a helicopter tour after I shot a wedding over there, and it was really fun. The views are spectacular, and you will be able to see the whole island this way.


Happy planning!


Best wishes,


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