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What should I do next?

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Ok so my wedding is Jan 18 in Jamaica and I really feel behind the 8-ball,..only 6 weeks and my demanding job has prevented me from getting all this done long ago! So it's crunch time but I'm unsure of what to concentrate on doing next, and am calling on my fellow DW brides for some guidance. :-)


So far I have done the following:

* booked the venue (ceremony & reception--same place)

* chosen the menu and bar

* emailed the website to guests

* booked the DJ (songs for specific events to be chosen)

* booked the photographer

* secured a vocalist for the ceremony (song to be chosen)

* chosen the florist...but haven't decided on specific bouquets, table arrangements, and decor

* bought my dress

* mailed invitations


Projects remaining:

* welcome bags/baskets for guests in hotel

* newsletter/itinerary w/ luggage tags

* favors

* program

* seating chart

* place cards & table #s

* buy accessories (shoes, jewelry, hair combs, guest book w/ pen)


Yikes--I'm overwhelmed!! Can someone please tell me if I'm missing anything and what I should be concentrating on that needs to get done next?



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I think you are doing great!! Of the things you listed here is how I would prioritize them:

  1. newsletter/itinerary w/ luggage tags (if you plan to send these out before you go)
  2. buy accessories (shoes, jewelry, hair combs, guest book w/ pen)
  3. favors
  4. welcome bags/baskets for guests in hotel
  5. program
  6. seating chart
  7. place cards & table #s

I went and opened my 150 line to-do list and here are a few things I didn't see on yours:

  • Purchase wedding rings
  • Book photographer/videographer
  • Arrange transportation to/from airport
  • Purchase Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony Container
  • Purchase/Make memorial candles or picture frames (if this applies)

You are doing great and won't have a problem getting everything done. Hope this helps, Carla wink.gif

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I agree with Carla & think that while 6 weeks is around the corner, you do have time to get the things done that you have left. If you do a few things on your list each weekend, time permitted, you should be good!


I think what you need to prioritize depends on how many guests you have.

For instance, if you have lots of guests, you may want to make sure you get your seating chart in order.

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Carla, thank you so much for the reassurance that I'm on the right track! I forgot to note that I have already booked my photographer, am in talks with a videographer (though he's clearly responding on "Jamaican time" LOL) and my future in-laws who live in Jamaica are taking care of the transportation from the hotel to the wedding site (guests arrange airport transfers themselves and I've given them the info on our website.


I haven't decided on the unity candle idea yet... But thanks for also reminding me about the memorial candle and picture frame for my FI's sister who passed.


Ok, so maybe I'm breathing again now. Hehehe. You all rock!!

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You're doing pretty well. It's always about the 6 week mark that a bride panics and it's the perfect time cause you still can get everything done w/out rushing. I'm a planner at home so I have a HUGE checklist. I went through everything and here's what you didn't mention to think about, in the proper order of priority:


Wedding Cake (I don't know if you have this set w/ resort or what, but just needs to


Accessories purchased (don't leave anything to buy til last minute, cause you may not

actually get it purchased)

Book rehearsal location and start working on preparing (unless you have someone

doing this all for you)

Book hair and makeup

Dress should be fitted

Order favors

Put together ceremony programs

Get pre-wedding haircut


The next few are done w/in 2-3 weeks before your wedding


Start working on Table assignment, numbers, and placecards

Confirm final guest count

Adjust table assignment accordingly


The last two must be done 1-2 weeks before your wedding


Have final fitting if needed

Schedule mani/pedi


Then you are all set! That will actually lead you up to the day before when you should get your mani/pedi and RELAX for your bid day!


Good Luck!

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Jacilynda, thanks so much for the pointers. I realize I actually do have some of those things already taken care of. So to add to my list of what I've taken care of::


* Wedding Cake (just need to meet w/ her about how she's decorating it)

* Ceremony Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner booked (just don' thave anyone preparing the actual rehearsal...need to speak w/ the venue coordinator to see if she'll take this on)

* Hair & makeup artist booked (just need to do "dry run" and nail down price on upcoming site visit)

* Bought gown off the rack and it fits perfectly, just needs hemming to be done in mid-Dec)


Ok so maybe I'm not doing as badly as I thought.... whew!! :-)

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