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So, I found the dress I want. The only problem is that it doesn't fit with the bright blue bridesmaid dresses I was planning on getting.


Jessica McClintock - STYLE NO. - 52466 JEANETTE


The rose colored sash is a lot more muted than the pool or aruba blue color that I wanted for the girls. The original colors we were going to have were a bright pink, bright blue, and a champagne color. The dress I was thinking of for them is below.


David's Bridal - Bridesmaids, Dress Detail


Does anyone have a suggestion for a bridesmaid dresses that would look nice but not overpowering compared to mine? Or do you think I should scrap my dress and look for a new one?</html>

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I would probably order the dress and see how you feel about it when it comes in. For that price you can easily re-sell or use as a TTD if you aren't 100% sure of it. Having the dress in hand will make it easier to select a BM dress. YOu can also see if there is any way to alter the waist/change the color ribbon. By getting such a great deal, you can afford to splurge on alterations.


If that really is a rose color, I think you will need to select a more muted hue than pool/aruba. I used "tropic" for my rehearsal dress and it is really bright and really blue!


Good luck!

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Originally Posted by adias.angel View Post
I agree with ErinB. You can have it altered to change the sash to a different color.
The sash matches the silk in the top underneath the lace. Do you think it would look weird to have the silk underneath be a different color from the ruching and the lace?

P.S. I bought the dress. I got it at an additional 10% off, because the bottom of the back of the one dress left in my size is slightly dirty. I figure that if I find bridesmaid dresses that I like, I'll dry clean it. Otherwise, it's my TTD dress. Thank you everyone for your help, by the way. It helped me realize that I HAD to get the dress. I'm not sure if it'll let you see the link below (I have it protected so my fiance can't view it on Facebook), but this is me in the dress at the store. This one is a size too big, so I'm trying to gather it in the back so it would look more like it would if it fit.

THE Dress!
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i love that style of dress. it could easilly be a Monique Lhuillier design but for waaaaay less than the price.


perhaps u could get a different sash? why not just buy it since it's so cheap anyways? maybe u could find a pictorial event or something else to wear it to.


IMO your wedding gown should not work around the bridesmaids dresses. =)

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