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VIX Swimwear Sale 40% coupon code

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For those of you who love VIX...their Sale swimsuits are an additonal 40% off right now for Thanksgiving!


Shop the sale section of V i X


They are doign free shipping and use coupon code 40sale to get an additional 40% off. Sales ends 1/4/09 but I do this every year and they go quick. They are one of my favorite designers as they use all Brazilian fabrics (nice/thick...not cheap feeling or looking) with great embellishments.


Some cute ones here for Honeymoon time!friday.gif


Happy Turkey Day....Happy Shopping!

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I got a VIX swimsuit from Neiman Marcus before I had some...ummm surgery and I loooooved the bikini...sadly now I can no longer fit into VIX swimwear, but to everyone that can-buy one..they are so different and great quality suits

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