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Advice please... hosting a shower nearly 5 months in advance??

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I have a BM who is very special to me, and who has gone to great lengths to save up to come to my wedding. She is my closest friend from College - we majored in Spanish together.


ANYWAYS... she was accepted into this bad ass pharmacy school and so she now lives in a small city in South TX (Kingston, I think??). Her schedule is BUSY BUSY BUSSSSYYYYY!!!!! And the ONLY chance she will have to be back in Dallas before the wedding is coming up over Christmas/New Year's


Here's my question: Is it rude to ask my MOH and other BM if it would be possible to host a shower while she's in town over the Holidays?? It would mean SO much to me (and her!) if she could be included in something like this... but how do I go about this? My MOH is pretty chill and down to earth, so I'm thinking she'd be ok with it - but I'll admit, it IS early...


My Grandma has also said that she wants to host a "BM Luncheon" (I think that's what it's called?) for me. Maybe I should ask her instead...??


I know my MOH has plans for a bachelorette and/or bridal shower for me, and my other "in-town" BM has plans for a fancy little "Lingerie Party" for me.


What do y'all think huh.gif huh.gif


Y'all are my "go-to girls" on this, ya know! wink.gif


Opinions greatly appreciated! TIA! grouphug.gif

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I think 5 months early is ok, but it's kinda short notice for the holidays. I know my entire month of December is already booked. BUT, I think you could do something so that she is included (maybe kinda small) and then still have another shower/party later.


Maybe just invite girls your age (BMs, etc) over the holidays and let your grandmother host a BM luncheon and the other girls do the lingerie thing and whatever else later on? I would try to keep it low key as well so that no one feels too much pressure to throw an extravagent party (but thats just me).


But to answer your question...I dont think it's rude to ask them to do something 5 months before :)

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Oh that's right... the holidays are busy... LOL *DUH*


Well shoot then! Stinks that she most likely be able to make the parties. I'll miss her!


Well, I think we are at the very least planning on getting together just the two of us - I'll probably use it as an extra excuse to try on my dress wink.gif


And then hopefully we will have a few BM dress choices already picked out so that she can try hers on and get it in the right size, etc.

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i agree about the business of the holidays. but maybe you could have a bridal party party? just the 4 of you, or maybe include some other close friends.

my shower was at the end of oct. and my wedding was in feb. we couldn't make it any later for fear of snow - and considering most ppl weren't coming to the wedding, they wanted to make it to the shower.

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