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Playa del Carmen Hair/Makeup Salons

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Hi Everyone


I have been in touch with Doranna recently, she sounds really nice and the pictures of the hair and makeup on her website look amazing.


I am definatley going to book her.


Doranna Hair Stylist - Freelance Italian Hair Stylist - Playa del Carmen - Riviera Maya - Cancun - Tulum


These are her latest prices (Based on RM)




Bride 200 USD.


Bridesmaid 95 USD.


(discount for group)


MAKE UP ( by Olivia)


Bride 150 USD


Bridesmaid 95 USD

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has anyone worked with Eva Tame of Studio 22. contact info or pictures? I'm still on the hunt, as I've heard questionable things about our resort spa :)

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Hi everyone,


I know how hard is to find the best hair stylist ever for our great great day. He can be the most amazing creator but is that enough? Of course not.

He or she must listen to us and understand what we like or not and give us options.


So I went with my friend to this salon and I found it amazing. I wasn't going to do anything to my hair, I was just there to give her company, she was there because she was getting married.

Anyway, the staff was amazing and Francisco, the hairstylist gave me advices for my hair... and finally let myself doing it. WOW!!! I felt so beautiful.


So I tried the makeup as well.


I live in Playa for a year and use to do my hair elsewhere. Those days are over. Since then I don't go anywhere else.

Ask for Francisco the hairstylist (he's from Chili) at VIDA SALON.


I know how to go there, is located on 5th avenue (quinta avenida) but you can find exactly the place here: www.vidasalon.com.mx

To bad the website is not in french but you can take a look anyway because it's in english and spanish.

They all speak english.


They do also makeup (like I said), massages, therapies, and a lot of stuff and they also go to your hotel if you want so.



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Hi guys

just got married in Playa del Carmen and I must say was wonderful; I will post soon my photos for you guys to see the lovely outcome!

my hairstylist let me down YES the day before my wedding; so becarefull in playa who you choose as everyone sells himselve to high and at the end of the day is not what it seems like , anyway I asked at reception for plan B ane luckily enough they recommend me a guy that goes there all the t time to do scubadiving in his holidays;I just couldnt believe it ; Scubadiving lollll but what I need is a hairstylist! they said he is the best one ! a celeb hairdresser from london that comes to scubadive in playa! he did my hair and OH MY GOD! what a lovely guy! he did all my friends!came to my hotel and charged my a fraction of the price that everyone charges outhere; this guy is full of passion for the hair and the most amazing thing is  I chequed sneakily out who he is in google

his name is Daniel Naya , he owns a shop called nayahair  www.nayahair.com  he does alot of celebs and travels around the globe doing hair just for the passion of it! the best news for whoever wants the hair done in playa is it seems like he is going to open his shop in playa del carmen in quinta and is planing to actually be there himselve

highly recommended; top price; passionate  dont know what to say but I will post my photos as soon is ready!

thanks Daniel Naya

we love you big time


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