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  1. I hope I'm putting this in the right place. It's been five months since our AMAZING day, and I've been a little tardy about my review. It will be pretty short and sweet. Â Resort: Occidental Grand Xcaret - B+ Â This resort was pretty good. We chose it because it fit our guests budget (and ours) and it had the disco we wanted (party crowd), pools and location. People all had a great week there, and overall everyone was happy. The food was only so-so, but the service was good, pools were good and a good time was had. We had Marialma as our wedding planner and she was fantastic. We met with her a few days ahead of time, did our blood work for a our legal ceremony, and I gave her the pictures of the flowers/cake I wanted. Everything turned out exactly as I wanted the day of - all due to her! We had our ceremony at the gazebo, and a semi-private reception/dinner at the Steak restaurant. The day was more beautiful and amazing than we had imagined, and our guests repeated this sentiment often. Â Photographer - Dean Sanderson Wedding Photography - A+ Â Dean was amazing to work with, and the easiest decision to make in our process. We met him ahead of time in Vancouver, BC, and we did engagement photos, which we were THRILLED with. Dean met us at our resort the day of, and we had another blast with him. He is easygoing, and it was as if we had a good friend shooting our wedding (and, we kind of did). We also did a trash the dress with him a few days later, at our second resort. We have the most amazing wedding photos EVER, and have gotten more compliments from friends than I could have imagined. In a word, they are STUNNING. He captured every look, smile, and feeling on our day. I could NOT be happier with Dean and his service. Â Hair/Make-up - Doranna Botelli - B Â Doranna actually did a really good job of everyone's hair, especially mine. Everyone was happy, my hair was fantastic. (Not exactly as I had pictured, but still gorgeous.) What made me go with a B on this one is price. I just can't believe how much it cost. I did it because I didn't want to take the risk of the resort spa, but I will never pay that much on myself again. I used Doranna's make-up lady as well (I forget her name) and she also did an amazing job. They will make you look amazing, they just cost an arm and a leg! Â 2nd Resort/Honeymoon: El Dorado Royale Resort - A This resort was not as 'jungly' as our first, but it had the most amazing food I have EVER eaten. There were no buffets, just restaurants, and all were fantastic. The drinks were also much tastier than our first resort. Our swim-up suite was fantastic, we had our own little pool to lay in, which I HIGHLY recommend, as the beach beds/chairs and the beds/chairs at the pools were ALWAYS full, which was quite annoying. People would leave their towels on them all day and I'm too much of a weenie to take them off. All in all, we were very happy with this resort.
  2. The seafood place is the prettiest in my opinion, but I'm pretty sure you can only do private reception there. I did mine at the Sonora grill, on the patio outside though, and it was beautiful - much more private. I wouldn't worry about Ivonne, I met her during my stay and she seemed just as competent as Marialma. They do weddings almost every day, sometimes a few in a day - they know what they're doing!
  3. We were given a certificate in mexico, and we were supposed to get mailed the 'legal' one (it has a sealed stamp on the back' mailed to us in about two months. I was able to use the 'non legal' (I didn't say anything) to change everything here in BC. I did have to get it translated to change my drivers lisence and it cost 70 dollars and three days to do it by a translator recommended by ICBC. Good luck!
  4. We took some at the ruins, and I liked most of them - my faves were just on the rocks over the water though The weather was gorgeous, but windy by the gazebo - ladies, PIN YOUR VEIL! hee hee.... mine flew off halfway down my walk
  5. For the BC ladies - I got married in mexico two weeks ago, and I went today to get my drivers license changed (having heard some people got away without translating anything) and the lady told me right away it had to be translated. I was so sad. They gave me a list of people who are certified to do it and I called one. He said it would be between 60 and 70 dollars.. blech. And this isn't even technically my 'legal' one which should be here in two months, but I'm taking it to him anyways. So much effort. I now have it changed at the bank, who brought up all sorts of domino like issues (cheques being written to me in maiden name, me writing cheques with maiden name, not matching my visa with my drivers... ick.) Just want to get it all out of the way.
  6. Thanks ladies - you are so kind!! Actually, our resort had two little ruins type things on the property, and those ones were taken there
  7. I loved Elizabeth medina's work too, but she was absolutely out of my budget. Ended up with someone from where I live, that had a very similar style (my photos in my bio) But... go with the person who's work speaks to you. I felt very strongly when I saw my photographers photos - the style, colour and emotion. Sometimes paying a few hundred more is worth something that is totally you. Good luck!
  8. I got a few teasers from my photog, from our March 4th wedding, and I LOOOOVE them! They're in my bio - I have trouble posting pics here. They're under 'wedding pics' (duh my bio is Robyn's Wedding Planning Bio - Home I LOVE THEM!!
  9. There are some of our teaser pics from our photographer in my bio - feel free to take a peek!
  10. Hey ladies, I've been back for almost a week, but our wedding at OGX was fantastic and amazing! Marialma was fantastic to work with (although we had most of the details worked out already) The judge we had was fantastic and everyone in our group kept saying things like "i knew it would be pretty - but that was just gorgeous, or extraordinary, etc" We are so so so happy. We only did the semi-private reception, but if you have any details regarding that or other things not private reception related - feel free to ask.
  11. Congrats on your day! Thanks for the great review - we are getting married there March 4th, and using doranna as well - your wedding looked stunning!
  12. yayyyy!! We're leaving on sat for our wedding on the 4th! Did you feel like you were part of a factory with the other wedding your day, or was it fine? When do we get to see PICS??
  13. Dean Sanderson Wedding Photography I'm using dean - he's from vancouver, but always willing to travel. I also love elizabeth medina, but couldn't afford her at all. I also still peruse del sol and moments that matter's blogs because i love their work too. good luck!
  14. Congrats on having a great day! I was reading reviews last night again on the resort and I'm starting to get worried about how huge it is! Did they place all of you and your guests in the same area - how did you arrange to meet where and hang out together? I can't wait to see your pictures!! Which restaurant did you have the semi-private reception in? Thanks for the tip - I'm bringing a picture of what I want my bouquet to look like - EXACTLY. And Sarah - we havn't paid a deposit on the wedding - we were told we would pay for it all when we got there.
  15. SandalGirl

    Ordering palm/Rafia fans from Canada?

    I bought mine from the trash to treasure board on the knot. I've also seen some on craigslist in my area, but I wasn't quick enough to get them. Good luck!