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Perfect Proposal (for me!)

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Matt knew from about a month into dating me that he wanted to marry me. It took me a little bit longer! After about 4 years of dating, I knew I was ready, too.

We started looking at rings. But because Matt was laid off and we didn't have the money, we had to keep putting it off for 2 more years! Once he got a new job, he said the first thing he wanted to buy was the ring.


We had it designed by a jeweler in Philadelphia. I love the antique-look, but I didn't want an antique ring that had been worn by someone else (unless it was a family ring which neither of us had.) They actually hand-designed the setting in a wax mold, showing us different versions and tweaking it until it was just right. Then they cast it in platinum and set the (cushion cut) stone we had chosen into it. I didn't get to see the final product and I wasn't even sure when it was going to be done, so I didn't know exactly when the proposal would take place.


Over last summer I was in New York City for work. On Saturday night, July 1, Matt drove up from Philly. I was already asleep in bed. He got into bed, took my left hand gently, and slipped the ring on my finger. I think he thought I would sleep through it and wake up the next morning with the ring on, but as soon as I felt the hard metal I sat bolt up like a spring! We laugh about it now because Matt says it looked like I had rigor mortis!! He asked me if I would marry him and I said "YES!!" It was funny and awesome and the best day of my life. It wasn't a big production, but it was perfect for me. Just the two of us sharing a special moment. I love him so much for it!

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Originally Posted by Nini_Bride View Post
Haha - I love your story, and its one that makes me laugh! cheesy.gif I definately agree, after all of this work to get the perfect ring CUSTOM made, you should post pictures!
I would if I knew how to use our new camera!! We just got it and with all the wedding stuff I haven't had time to read the manual. I guess I should do that soon since we leave in less than three weeks for Mexico!

I'll try to figure it out and see if I can't get a picture on here.
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