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#971 bpokatie

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    Posted 15 January 2012 - 01:50 PM

    We also decided not to use a DJ, and are just renting the sound system. I really want a mariachi band too, but my fiance doesn't :( Oh well. I guess I can live without it. I haven't really been planning much either. So far I'm just trying to get all my bridal accessories together.


    My wedding planner is Cecilia. So far she's been great to work with and has been responding to my questions faster now that it is getting closer to May.

    Originally Posted by nicc80 

    Hi Bpokatie, thanks for your reply.  Our wedding is in July of 2012 and I think we have 16 people booked.  So... we may end up with a bigger group which is great and makes me nervous all at the same time.  I think we will do an iPod sound system no matter how big the group we can entertain ourselves I am sure.  The cost for DJ seems large comparatively speaking.  I am still not sure weather I want reception on the beach or pool side.  Cannot make up my mind.  I def want Mariachi band at some point and maybe guitar for the ceremony still debating. The planning is pretty minimal right now although I am sure there are a million things I SHOULD be doing like place cards or something.  I am pretty sure I want to do a welcome bag although I am sure they will be a pain to ship and deliver to rooms, but I think it's a nice touch and makes everyone feel like your thinking of them.


     Is Valeria your planner?  How have things been going in your planning?





    #972 Vasquea7

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      Posted 16 January 2012 - 10:13 AM

      Hi, congrats! my wedding in may 19 2012.. I know Valeria can send pix but supposedly, the barcuda terrace is looking out to the ocean which is why I liked that option

      #973 Vasquea7

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        Posted 16 January 2012 - 10:22 AM

        I am working with Valeria. There have not been any problems or issues. She has been very nice and detailed. If you get everything on your contract you sign, you should be good

        #974 Vasquea7

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          Posted 16 January 2012 - 11:00 AM

          Hey! congrats! I am getting married their 5-19-12 and will be arriving that day!


          I keep going back and forth with the reception thing. I priced the wedding reception and it was about $3400 for a very basic reception with 3 hours of dj.. I am not sure if anybody else has just gone to a restaraunt with their group then to the night club after. If so, I am really curious as to if this worked out or not.

          Originally Posted by chelle86 

          Hi all,


          I am getting married at SMB on 16 May this year!! Only four months away so it's starting to get so close now! We are having around 20 people including us, who are all coming from the UK.


          I'm not really sure yet whether to take the basic package and just add a few things on or to upgrade my package. I quite like the idea of the cocktail hour on the beach, but not sure if we need a separate 'reception' as such or just an area in one of the restaurants. It will probably come down to budget in the end! What is everyone else doing? Does anyone have any advice?






          #975 AnnieWeds

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            Posted 17 January 2012 - 07:21 AM


            beachbride2013, no problemo!  =)  There is so much information when planning it is easy to get overwhelmed.  At least that's how we feel.   Not having everyone staying at the resort just makes coordinating on the wedding day more of a hassle.  Making sure everyone gets thru the front desk on time and gets their day passes.  I don't even know how it is done.  Do day pass folks get a wristband?  Does anyone who has had a wedding at SMB already have any experience with day passes?   I agree.  Search BDW for SMB weddings and you will find past weddings with lots of photos of ceremony and reception set ups. I found this site with honest views of SMB grounds and ceremony locations.  The photos are not commercialized if you know what I mean.  Like fast food ads of burgers and tacos that in real life look nothing like the sort. Lol. http://www.berwicktr...ts_maroma.html# Click on Agency Photos on the left hand side.

            #976 beachbride2013

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              Posted 18 January 2012 - 11:26 AM

              Thanks for posting that link! The pics look amazing!! I am so excited to get married there.

              #977 amberh1884

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                Posted 18 January 2012 - 05:50 PM

                Hi all! I am so excited I have found this thread.  I am getting married at SMB on July 20th.  I am so anxious for it to get here! I wanted to jump in about the 80% of people staying at the resort thing because I had the same exact question! And I know where you saw it because I saw it yesterday on the Q&A I had to give to Cecilia.  It was where you had to put how many guests were staying at the resort and how many were staying outside of it.  It said that the external guests had to represent 20% of the guests.  So, I am glad you asked Cecilia that question because I was freaking out, lol.  I thought all outside guests had to pay the day pass anyway so that is fine with me!  Does anyone know if the resort photographer is still Juan Navarro?  Also does has anyone had their hair done at the resort salon?  I am really nervous about it.  

                #978 ckrn

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                  Posted 18 January 2012 - 07:45 PM

                  Yes the resort photographs is Juan Navarro.. I'm in the same boat as you about hair and makeup..I'm thinking I might get an outside vendor to come in and do hair and makeup just to be safe..I asked cecilia and she said you can you that hair credit for something else!! 

                  #979 kristinalilly

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                    Posted 19 January 2012 - 10:53 AM

                    Thanks KCDawn and Vasquea7!

                    I'm happy to hear other people out there are having positive experiences with Valeria as well.


                    I'm also a bit nervous about using the on-site salon for my hair and makeup and am not super willing to hire an external vendor as cost is going to be a bit tight. Does anyone know of a place to see some photos of hair/makeup they have done at the salon?


                    #980 beachbride2013

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                      Posted 19 January 2012 - 11:19 AM

                      Ok thanks! I was pretty sure that I did receive that info from Cecilia, but wasn't certain. I have found that a lot of hotels have that policy.


                      I am also really worried about the salon for my hair. I'm not too worried about my make-up. I am planning on having a make-over done at home and purchasing the specific shadows and what not. I was going to have them to a profile or whatever it is, and take it to the resort with me. As far as the hair...I'm worried I am going to look cheesy. I am going to spend some time later looking through and seeing if I can find any pics. They do so many weddings there, I would have to think there has to be some photos somewhere!!

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