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Pictures of my dresses!!!!

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Originally Posted by heather007 View Post
IDumb question- the back on the second will fit better once it's altered right? Because it's really gappy.
Do you mean on the 1st dress with the deep v-back?
Seamstresses can do wonders. I wouldn't worry about it. They'll make it fit you like a glove!
Mind you, having said that, my seamstress isn't making the waist on mine super fitted because when she pinched it in at the back, it gave me back fat frown.gif... so what do I know? smile124.gif

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Heather im loving the first dress i like the beading and the low back.Im sure that when you drop the pounds you say your gunna continue to loose you will be more comfortable wearing this gown.I think 2 is pretty also but 1 has the wow factor.xx

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