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Show me your favors!!

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I need inspiration. I was going to do heart wine stoppers, but now I don't know. I'd especially love to see DIY wedding favors. Cool, fun and unique favors. Share!!


Pictures a plus but not neccessary.

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I don't have pictures yet, and haven't absolutely decided on what we'll do- but one thought is that I'm going to bake a gourmet cookie package. I make these monster chocolate chunk cookies and dip them in white / milk chocolate. I also make almond sugar cookies (would be wedding cake shaped) and decorate them.


For Christmas this year, I made cookie packages and sold them to raise money for the wedding. It was a lot of fun because I used a basic sugar cookie glaze and then hand painted angels, christmas trees, christmas landscapes, etc... on them. Between that and tamale sales, we made about $700 in 3 weeks.


I also want to make handmade candies and chocolates (like cheesecake truffles) and see about taking them with us for the favors---- but I'm not sure how well they would hold up with heat during travel...

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just reading "almond sugar cookies" made my mouth water.


i really wanted to do cookies, but i wasn't sure how well they would travel. i'm shipping the favors to my wedding coordinator a few weeks before we arrive. i wouldn't want them to crumble to pieces in the mail.


cookies are such a good and tempting idea though. plus make great hotel snacks!

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I know---- Our families are huge 'foodies', and snacks were the only thing I could think of that I wouldn't feel was a waste of money. I just didn't want to do some trinket that was either cheap or something that was cool looking, but not functional/practical...


I love to cook/bake, so this made sense for me...

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Those seashell shakers are cool! And I want your monster cookie recipe...mmmm.


We're making CD's as a soundtrack to our love, ordering custom labels/cases, and sealing them with ribbon & a sticker of our monogram. I may also add personalized mint tins or candles . . . still adjusting the budget.

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Oh I love those salt and pepper shakers! They are so cute! As for the cookies, I think if I made a batch of cookies right now I'd end up eating them all and then I wouldn't fit into my dress... But that is a really great idea! I like the personal element.


We are still trying to figure out what we're going to do, but last weekend we went up to Michaels (big craft store) and got some stuff that we're going to try to use to make our own favors. We got a little heart shaped jar with a cork in it. We're going to paint our names and the wedding date on the front, and then fill it with different colors of sand, then put these little starfish, pretty shells, glass that matches our wedding colors, etc in it. We'll see how it turns out...

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Originally Posted by akumalbound View Post
where are you getting your CD labels and cases? i'm having the hardest time finding a case - i don't want to do plastic so i've been searching for a template for a paper case. how much are the custom labels/cases if don't mind me asking?
These are inexpensive to moderately priced labels/cases I've found in my research. I've found them to be more affordable than having them made for me from start to finish. Hope this helps :o)


Looking for CD favors? Shop Jean M

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My Own Labels | Custom printed labels, personalized hang tags, customized coasters, personal* book plates

Wedding Favor CD Labels: Beach, Orchid, Black Magic Rose

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