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Table decorations....advice please...

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So, here is a run through of what I'm thinking in terms of decorations for my tables. The flowers in the pictures are roses, but depending on the cost, I might opt for carnations tightly packed together (so they don't really look like carnations).


Also, I might do half as many votives and substitue different shells for the starfish. The tablecloths underneath will be all white....I just didn't have one big enough. Lastly, there will be white chair covers with cream sashes (because these items are complimentary from the resort).


My tables will be set up into a u shape....to help you picture the set-up.


Should I do another hurricane on each table? Fewer flowers, votives, shells etc? please help. I want your honest opinion....suggestions wanted!




Click the image to open in full size.

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It looks beautiful as is, but for cost purposes and I think it would look just as beautiful if not more (I like simple things too) I would take the two pieces off that are on the end on each side, and spread the hurricane and flowers a little further apart and lots of votives. The more candles the better. And I like the starfish, I think if you start mixing up the shells it will get too busy. Maybe just use two or three instead. What beautiful colors and a beautiful idea!!! Let us know what you decide, or try a few ideas and repost pics so we can see. Sometimes things sound better than they look.

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Yeah, I'm a little conflicted about that too...I was going to suggest fewer votives...instead of parallel to each other, maybe stagger them? But lots of candles...at night...SOooooo pretty! You could probably go either way.


I love the starfish but if you did want to mix them up w/ other misc shells...that would be cute too. Might make it look a little more "whimsical" , less formatted, you know?

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I actually later took out half the votives and centered them. I thought it looked better with fewer.


I'm trying to incorporate the design rule of using odd numbers, but I'm a libra and everything always ends up balanced.


Also, I don't think you can tell from the pic, but the things on the ends are large shells with orchids tucked in them.


Thanks again for the advice!

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I think it looks perfect. It has great visual elements because you have items of varying heights to keep the eyes moving back and forth. The shells are great because it keeps the table from looking too monotonous with pink color. Last, I think the candles will really bring a softness to blend all the elements together when they are all lit.



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