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Surprise!! My work shower just happened!!

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I am soooo embarassed yet toooo totally loved right now here at work. I am the systems administrator for our building... since I work with computers and everything we only really have 3 other girls in our office of 67 men. You always learn pretty quick how to deal with and be one of the "guys".


So anyway, I am busying ordering up pizzas this morning since we had a new guy start with us ... thinking that today was his "Welcome" Lunch. I made sure to let everyone know that it was all for him. One of the girls from the other office was taking me out to lunch today, so I thought. We are getting ready to leave and she asks to get a drink back in the caf. Now the pizza just arrived so I knew that the caf would be mobbed... I walk in Pink packages are waiting for me along with a cake. Silly me, got all nervous, hot and icky in .25 seconds and then cried... walked straight out of the room.. I was sooo embarassed yet touched... here are all my guys giving me a shower!! My boss was too funny... smile from ear to ear all because he stumped me... and I didn't have a clue!! (This never happens I know everything going on in the office). They even made sure to get Jay a "Man Gift"... Home Depot gift card! SOOOOO I guess I do love my guy... they are the best!!!!! Hope to have pics soon... just need to figure out whos camera it was.

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