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I'm contemplating making my own DIY boarding passes for my invitations. I have been playing with about 4 different designs. I need at last 115 of them. I was wonder from all the brides who have created your own boarding pass Invite or STD where they extremely time consuming or stressful to complete. I already know I donâ€t handle stress well and although I have about 5 months to work on them. I don't need any added stress. So please let me know if you have done them yourself and If you found the process the least bit stressfulhuh.gif?

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I did passport STD and am planning to do boarding pass invites. For the passport the most time consuming part was the creation of the design, the majority of the creation happened at the printers.


The boarding passes will have more "stages" of construction so I've already enlisted some crafty friends who will enjoy the process. DO you have anyone like that you could ask so it becomes less of a chore and more of a social event? It might be less likely to stress you out?

Hannah x

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mine were!


i did 110, and designing was probably the most stressful part- because i am a total perfectionist & didn't have anyone to critique my work. (should have just posted my rough drafts!). but i must say that the templates in this forum are unbelievable & made my life VERY easy.


i took them to get printed at office max, and it was a pain in the butt because it took a few tries to get the colors to print correctly, and to create a .PDF that would display symbol fonts as the symbols on the office max computer. i ended up making all of the symbol fonts into .jpg in photoshop & putting those into the master word document. i also disliked working in word... it can be so cumbersome. but again- the word template was so great i couldn't turn it down.


cutting is a whole different animal. it isn't very stressful, as long as you aren't under a time crunch. it was tedious, and made me VERY cranky because all of the material was sitting out on the coffee table for probably about 2 weeks and i was the ONLY person working on cutting those buggers out!!! DH was not interested in helping, even when i was working my ass off & he was just sitting there!! (like i said- a whole different issue all together.)


so i did the designing (thanks to the template & wonderful examples from BDW), converting to pdf, taking to printer, cutting, rounding edges, punching holes, tying ribbon to hold the 3 sheets, creating of pockets, punching of palm trees into pockets, addressing envelopes, stamping, & return addressing of 110 3-sheet STDs all by myself. that is why it was stressful for me :)


but thankfully i had tons of time.


looking back on it, i would definitely do it again!! they turned out so great, and they were stuffed full of important information for my guests that couldn't have been distributed in a cuter or more efficient way.


so i guess the short answer is: yes! but i recommend doing it anyway. cheesy.gif best of luck.

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Yes, they were very time consuming - not so much stressful as time consuming for me.


I got very little help from my BM's ... but DH really stepped up and helped a lot.


The sense of accomplishment is fabulous once you are done, though, and it's so cool to be able to say you did it yourself.


If you are not on a tight timeframe/deadline, then I say start early and GO FOR IT! You will love the end result. We did about 220, 5 pages each plus the envelope. Talk about tedious! But everyone LOVED them!

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they are time consuming and honestly i dont think we saved that much $ by diy. after the face i definately would of just ordered them. i would get quotes from Sarah and Anagarcia on the forum. they have their own businesses. i got a quote from Sarah and it was very reasonable. here's her site Sproullie Designs | Custom Photobooks, Invitations and more! i dont know what ana's site is but i'm sure you can search for her on here.

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