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Are the wedding bands supposed to match?

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My FI bought me a yellow gold engagment ring. I love it. I really don't have a preference between white gold and yellow gold. However, he is saying that he wants a white gold wedding band. Are the bride and groom's wedding band supposed to match?

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My FI did the same thing. Bought me a beautiful ring but in a gold setting. I love the ring, but (not to sound ungrateful) would have preffered a silver setting or white gold. Now - he went and got a tungsten band and our rings do not match.


I polled all of my married friends and they all said that after a couple of years, none of their bands match because (usually) the husbands lost their bands so they ended up getting something different.


After hearing that - I stopped worrying about it. I would rather him wear a ring that is comfortable to wear than somethng he would be worried about losing or didn't like.

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My original E Ring had the wedding band with it. He wasn't sure what he wanted. We found rings in St Thomas that we both fell in love with, since at that point I was just going to wear a wedding band. So we found matching bands, that have channel set diamonds which I can upgrade to a bigger carat amount for our anniversary! Now I've decided I want to wear my E Ring with my wedding band, so for Christmas we're having my diamond reset to a ring that will match our wedding bands! I can't be happier!!

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