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Any suggestions for what to do/see in North Lake Tahoe?


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So I let Mike plan our honeymoon (with some suggestions from me) and he picked Lake Tahoe. We are so excited because we've never been there and wanted something near mountains since we got married at the beach.

We're staying at the Hyatt in Incline Village. Is anyone familiar with that area that can offer up some advice on what to do, restaurant suggestions, what towns are fun to drive to, etc. We leave next week Wednesday..I'm sure it will be chilly!

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Ohh you are going to LOVE lake tahoe! It acutally hasnt been that cold yet, although it did snow last week, today it is almost 80 degrees in Reno which means it probably around 70 still up at the lake. Just be prepared for anything weather wise, its always a joke around here about the weather and how fast it can change!


Here are some of my suggestions: For a really nice dinner on the lake there is a restaurant name Garwoods. The restaurant is right on the lake, its a little pricy but a great place for a romantic dinner! Jakes on the Lake is also really nice.


You can drive to Squaw Valley, they have a tram you can take to the top of the mountain, I dont know if it is up already but they have ice skating up there, restaurant, its really beauitful up there.


South Lake is a good place to go if you want to take part in some of the gambling and hotels. THey have lots of shops and such you can walk around in as well. You can also drive around to Tahoe City and they have nice shops and restaurant to eat at as well.


Let me know if you are looking for anything else in particular. There is a lot to do up there and around the area. You will love it, its beautiful!!

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Thanks Jessica!

That is a big help. Looks like I'll be over packing for sure..since you never know what the weather will be like!


Is Truckee worth checking out? I've read that it's a neat town.

How far are we from Wine Country (napa/sonoma)? Or are there any wineries near where we are staying?

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Truckee is very close to where you are. "Old" truckee is a great place to go. THey have all these shops you can go walk down, it looks like an old town still which is so fun! They have a place there call the Squeeze In which has the biggest omlets you have ever seen! A great place for breakfast and probably only about 20 minutes away from where you are so well worth it and then to walk around afterwards.


Napa is probably still about 3 hours away from where you will be. There really isnt a winery close to there that comes to mind, think the area is too cold to grow grapes.


If you want you can drive into Reno as well, about a 45 minute drive. Shopping, retaurants, etc. Lot more casinos too if you are looking at gambling anymore.

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