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$12.50 per slice for cake!!!! What??!!!

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Am I just out of the loop or what? (maybe since I'm the Mother of the Bride). Just got a quote for the cake and I almost fainted. It's very nice, but jeez! If it's not too personal, how much are your cakes going for? If that's the going rate, I guess I'll just suck it up. Here's a sample of what my daughter wants.

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Geez that's a whole lotta money, seems SUPER inflated to me!!! I'd say seek other quotes, otherwise that $12.50 per slice better have a $10 bill baked into every slice.


I'm getting married in the Riviera Maya area and am being charged $4/slice or $3/per cupcake ~ being the cake fein/aficiando (and yes my big ass thighs show it, tee hee) at first I was gonna complain a bit cuz I'm so used to getting great cake prices here in So Cal, but now I think I'll keep my mouth shut now and accept it as being pretty damn reasonable considering smile36.gif

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wow... at $12.50 a slice, it better be covered in gold leaves/flakes.


i would NEVER consider paying that much per slice! there has to be something cheaper than that in LV. while $3-5 is the standard average in mexico, i'm not sure what it is in the states right now. but i guarantee you it is less than $12.50!

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