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Transporting Wedding Dress

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I am getting a little stressed over this now that my date is less than a month away! My plan was to try to keep it as wrinkle free as possible so i wouldnt have to get it pressed or anything when i get to Jamaica but not looking at it theres wrinkles and i have had it hanging up and spread out in the spare room since i brought it home. We are getting married at Dunns River Villagio and my wedding consultant of course says "we'll take care of it no problem" but i am scared to death they are going to ruin it or loose it and i wont have it for the wedding. Can anyone give me any opinions or thoughts on what to dohuh.gif? My Fiance wants me to UPS it but i definately am not doing that unless i can be shipped with it-lolworried2.gif

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You might to call your the air line company that you will be traveling on and see if they will let you carry it on. Mine is letting me carry it on and then they are going to hang it up for me. Apparently theres a place to hang things where they sit. So that's nice.


I'm going to get my dress steamed before we leave and then if it looks bad the day before the wedding, then I'm going to get the resort to do it.



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Do not UPS your dress. You will be taking a huge risk on whether or not it will make it there. I suggest that you bring a steamer like Tammy said. I need to call the airline as well to see if they will let me bring my dress son board. Lucky for me my dress does not wrinkle. smile35.gif

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I agree call the airline a few days before and let them know about your dress. I heard that if you do call they will make arrangements for you to hang your dress where the captain hangs his coat. Also make sure that you make arrangements with your resort regarding steaming. I think its pretty common. Good luck and enjoy.

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