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Dreams PV spiritual ceremony question...

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I was just going through a bunch of photos of different weddings at Dreams PV and came across a few pics where it looked like the officiant handed the bride and groom the vows to read themselves...


Is this the norm?


I don't want to read something off a piece of paper - I would rather just repeat after the officiant...




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There is absolutely no norm in regards to what you do for your vows. Your ceremony should reflect your own personal choices, so that is a matter you discuss personally with your officiant. He/She should accommodate you with whatever method you feel is best for your ceremony!


I especially love when brides/grooms want to go outside the norms, and create some special energy or thoughts to their ceremonies. We create the vows together, even if I read, and they repeat - at least the vows reflect exactly what they want to commit publicly to each other.


Hope this helps!


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Jenn, I would think that was probably a civil ceremony not a spiritual ceremony, but I won't swear on it. The judges for the civil ceremony speak English but not really, really well, so it would not surprise me if they handed the paper to the bride and groom to avoid accent problems. Most of the spiritual ministers I know will not hand you a piece of paper to read. Just my two pesos worth wink.gif.

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