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Back from anniversary trip in Costa Rica


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Hello ladies!!


We're back!!!!! The trip was awesome! I would say that it was even better than we (or at least I) imagined! Everything went off without a hitch. Our flights were on time and even early! We got a free upgrade on our rental. The weather was better than what we anticipated. The hotels were great. The tours were a lot of fun. I just can't say enough about how much we enjoyed it ! elefant.gifelefant.gifelefant.gif


If anyone is interested, I'll be writing a review for TripAdvisor a little later on since that's where I got most of my information from, and will be sure to post here as well.


Ok, have to get back to the craziness of work smile105.gif Was I on vacation just last weekhuh.gif? smile105.gif

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Thanks! As good of a time as we had, still really glad to be back!


We have tons and tons of pictures but of course, they're all at home. I haven't had the strength to even turn on the computer when I get home. I promise to post as soon as I get that strength:)


The pictures are really funny in that the bigger part of our trip, we're wearing helmets of one sort or another in all of the pictures. We had very much the action/adventure trip! blush2.gif

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