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Twilight Series Discussion Thread *Warning Spoilers*

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#1 Birdie07

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    Posted 03 October 2008 - 11:15 AM

    So I thought since there were so many fans of twilight we should have a thread to discuss it without ruining the other one with spoilers!

    I think I lost myself in the other thread and it sounded like I didn't like the book. Which I did but it was still "Fluff". But I read alot of fluff. Haha.

    Anyways...I wanted to know whether you were on Team Jacob or Team Edward at the beginning before book 4. Also want to know if you would of made the same decision as her becoming a vamp and carrying the baby. Or what you think of her choosing those. We'll start with these but I have tons more questions.

    #2 Jenn79

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      Posted 03 October 2008 - 11:39 AM

      Fun!!! I can't talk about Twilight with the hubby, he gets this glazed look on his face and starts changing the subject to Hockey.

      I will start by saying I never saw Bella with anyone but Edward, but the whole teams thing, well, I don't get it. There doesn't need to be a team...so it's Team Switzerland for me all the way. She's in love with Edward, that was never in doubt, but she loves Jake as a friend. There's no reason she should have to choose.

      I wanted her to be a vampire by the end of Twilight, let alone wait until the end of Breaking Dawn. So when it finally happened, I'm pretty sure I was cheering through my book (and was getting a rather odd look from my hubby).

      I likely would have made the same choice regarding carrying Renesmee to term as well. I have seen so many arguments against her choice, saying it strayed from her character since she had never mentioned any desire for children before. Well, she'd never been pregnant before, added to that she was still in high school and completely infatuated with Edward, a being she didn't even think was capable of fathering children, so why should the subject have even been necessary? No one knows how they are going to feel about a given situation until they are in that situation for themselves.

      I should probably stop there, because I really could go on ad nauseum if you let me....
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