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Hello everyone!


I just got married on October 8, 2006 to a wonderful and supportive man. It was a perfect wedding and married life has been great. I have been doing wedding photography for the past few years and now I am full time and loving it. If you are interested in viewing my site please go to Tait Photography You can also view my beach destination website which is currently a work in progress, but I will be adding to it soon: US, Canada and International Destination Wedding Photography Most of the photos on my DW site were taken in Cabo in conjunction with a workshop I just returned from by the fabulous DW photographers Jessica Claire & Liana Lehman.


I live half the year in the Washington DC area and half the year in British Columbia. My husband and I were living full-time in Northern Virginia until he took a temporary job in Nelson. My husband is Canadian and I am originally from the US. I love Nelson and now we are close to his family, but also love my family and miss my sister who are all in states. Luckily I travel back and forth a lot.


Currently I am considering doing a free destination wedding and day-after shoot, possible engagement as well in the month of April (client to pay travel expenses only for 2 photographers). Contact me if interested taitweddings@gmail.com Please let me know your wedding date, location, where you are from, and why you would like me to photograph for you as well as a snapshot of you and fiance. Would like someone who is ok with getting partly in the ocean with their dress on the day-after (underwater pool photos would be cool too!). I hope to find someone who really loves photos and wants to take a lot of them! :)


Thanks for reading, I am really excited about this board and hopefully I will be able to contribute about wedding planning, marriage, photography, and weddings abroad.


Erica Tait

Tait Photo Blog

(250)551-5551 Canada

(571)235-2098 USA

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