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champagne bar

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I think that's a super cute idea! I was trying to remember where I'd seen it. . .of course I'd seen it in the online issue and now it's not there anymore!! sad.gif


Anyway, I'm thinking of doing that for Monica's bridal shower. I'm going to have to price things out once we get an idea of how many people would be attending. But I was thinking of serving brunch type foods and having the champagne bar...I'm going to have to think of what to put with the chamagne though. . .hmmmmm. .. maybe I should do some experimenting... friday.gif lol!


Seriously though...if you get a chance, try to find that magazine to check out the pic/the way they have it set up.. gorgeous!!!

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Wow! This is the first that I have heard of it but it seems like a really cool idea and definately something that can be pulled off by visiting the Cabo liquor store. Champagne is really expensive down there so just make sure the resorts already include it.

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