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I need help, I am down to the wire. For my father daughter dance I am going to dance with both my step dad and my real dad. I am going to dance with my step dad first to Fathers and Daughters by Paul Simon, then about a third way through my real dad is going to cut in.


Heres where is gets tricky, when he cuts in we are going to start dancing to something really cheesy and slow, then..... the song with do like the record scratch thing and it will go into a really fast song.


We love to country dance, and need a really fast song, but I cant find one that is appropriate for fathers and daughters.


If you ladies have any idea on a fast country song, I will love you forever!!!!

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Well, it depends what you want.. I am a HUGE country music fan.


You could go funny with Toby Keith's Who's Your Daddy?

YouTube - Toby Keith - Who's Your Daddy?


Blue Country "Good Little Girls"

YouTube - Blue County- Good Little Girls


Carrie Underwood "All American Girl"

YouTube - all american girl-Carrie Underwood offical music video


I will try to think of some more; but those are off the top of my head!

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The first song that popped into my head for this is: "Good Time" by Alan Jackson....but I don't know how fitting it would be for father/daughter!

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