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Helloooo or Should I say Hola? :)

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My name is Jenni, I'm planning my wedding for April 2010. My fiance, Justin, and I have yet to pin down and actual day, but we know for sure it'll be in the Riviera Maya. I'm joining looking resort and dress recommendations.


Insert Funny Story Here...


I went to a friend's wedding in 04, he was getting married in Mexico as well and his soon to be wife was a little... nutty? Hehe! She wouldn't let ANYONE, including her mom and sisters, see her dress before the big day.


SO. Cue the music, and I kid you not, the girl walks down in a LAYERED satin gown. Three quarter length sleeves and a full train. Poor girl was sweating like pig in summer......... in Kentucky........ during a drought.


Anyways, to wrap it all up:


Name: Jenni

Wedding date: April 2010

Location: Riviera Maya, not sure on resorts yet.


Hope you don't feel like smile105.gif this after reading all that!!




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