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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by ERnurse That reminds me... I contacted the resort photographer to send some samples of their work... this is what he gave me Wedding photo hope this helps a little Hi ER, Thanks soo much for posting this sample of the resort photographers' work. SOme of those pictures are really great. One thing I'd done was search many of the photos within the forum, and have saved the picture that I really love. This way, I'm going to hand them a small stck of photos that I DEFINITELY want.. hopefully it helps!!
  2. Julia

    May 2009 Brides

    Wow, you guys are all on the ball! Hartyt509, I love that you're not even putting the date down, i have a group like that too. I don't know what I was thinking, but for some reason had not thought about sending out the invites yet! I have them picked out though. If anyone is getting married in mexico, they may want to check these out. .. Wedding invitations, bar / bat mitzvah invitations, birthday party invitations, baptism invitations, wedding invitation wording, corporate invitations and holiday cards. Item # NU-5KAT688-ME Pretty cool inked map of Mexico, they look great!
  3. That dress is soo flattering on you! Your mom was definitely right, you owe her one, lol!
  4. Ladies getting married in the next couple of weeks, my thoughts are with you!! To the other ladies getting married in May, is there reason to think it would not be cleared up by then?! This is making me nervous, though I can't imagine that this won't be cleared up within 7 months...EEK!!
  5. I have been trying to find detailed reviews of the resort photographers, can anyone point me in the right direction? It seems most girls have gone with an outside photographer. Any thoughts?
  6. Julia

    Helloooo or Should I say Hola? :)

    Welcome to the forum, Jenni! That story was too funny
  7. I'm so happy to have found this thread! I've been looking for reviews on any cleansing prods out there, and this is a great help! Thanks, ladies
  8. Sunbride, you are a HUGE help with everything! It calms me about not having a Site visit!
  9. Someone else's point, that the whites would blend together and would not let you stand out, would be a great way to say 'no' to your mom. She shouldn't want to steal your show that day, and I'm sure she doesn't realize how it seems.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kleslie5 We might be going the way that Morgan did and cancelling ours as well. A lot of people who can't come to Mexico want to celebrate somehow, though, but if we end up doing one it will be very low key...I'm thinking afternoon garden party/bbq, very casual.... I think we're doing the same thing. I don't want to come home after my wedding to too much pressure on the AHR! We're thinking nice afternoon BBQ, heck we will probably end up with a pig roast!~
  11. Julia

    Surprise wedding?

    My FI and I are doing a JOP right before Mexico next year. Everyone already knows, and they understand it made more sense to us rather than the 4 days/blood test in mexico/legalities, etc. But, it will only be the two of us, our parents and grandparents. Maybe that's why no one seems to mind. Also, everyone is blessed/cursed with different families!
  12. Julia

    How to say no...

    Ladies, I feel your pain. My parents absolutely insisted on inviting all my dad's brothers and sisters. (There are 5 in addition to him..+ their SO's) Which means I would have to invite all the cousins, who I love but I really just wanted a SMALL WEDDING! Now, what could have been 25 people, MAYBE, could now potentiall be 45! The most ridiculous part is that my FI only has 10 people on his side!!!
  13. Bisha, those are some great tips! I think the site you're looking for to vent on FIP is 'ihatemyinlaws.com' ... not that I have any need for it!! lol!
  14. Even though I do like the tradition of not seeing the groom at all before the ceremony, I think we'll be sharing a room the night before and then parting ways.