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Panicking Slightly...

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#1 BlissfulMsMiranda

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    Posted 24 September 2008 - 04:31 PM

    So I just got a call from our TA and things have gone a bit ... um ... OFF for our wedding plans!!!

    I'll try to keep this short: We knew that our departure date was unknown from the beginning ... we weren't sure if it was going to be a Fri/Sat/Sun but knew the weekend and the that we would be in Cuba the following week. So, we sent out the invites, picked a wedding date bada-bing bada-boom ... you get the picture.

    Soooo ... I get a call from my TA 20 minutes ago and THERE ARE NO FLIGHTS OFFERED ON THE WEEKENDS IN 2009 FOR THAT PARTICULAR RESORT.

    As of right now my wedding date no longer applies and neither do the dates we told everyone on our invites. The only days available to fly to Cuba in '09 right now are Thursday flights ... who the hell flies out on a Thursday?!

    I admit, I've been calm and collected throughout this entire process but right now I'm a little flustered. I loved my wedding day and I've just had to CHANGE IT.

    Because if we don't change it for another day then it's possible that the resort will be fully booked for weddings that week and I won't have anyone to perform my ceremony.

    I'm flustered and had to vent!!!!!!!!

    And I haven't told my fiance yet ... I can't bare to tell him over the phone and I'm still at work ...

    #2 jajajaja

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      Posted 24 September 2008 - 04:50 PM

      I'm kinda confused Miranda. I know in Canada it seems you girls have more travel difficulties that us in the US do. So I'm guessing that's why you are having problems finding flights.

      But in regards to flying on a Thurs, why not? Are you thinking people will want to fly in for the wedding weekend and fly how on Sun? Most of my guests stayed a week- everyone arrived on different days. Our wedding was on a Thurs so most arrived by Tues. Just remember it's all different with DWs. I hope it works out for you though!
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      #3 *Lo*

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        Posted 24 September 2008 - 04:51 PM

        Ok, so is it that there are no chartered flights? Because There are a ton of flights from Montreal (even one direct flight that doesn't route through Toronto) to Cayo Coco on May 9th the Saturday with Air Canada. They are not all that cheap though, but they do exist.

        If they are trying to do it as a package deal with flights and resort operated by Sunquest or something, they tend to only depart on certain days. But you COULD book separately and get there when you want to get there and then not cancel your whole wedding!!!

        #4 DanielleNDerek

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          Posted 24 September 2008 - 04:53 PM

          I dont think people will mind flying on a Thursday. My guests are flying on a Monday or Wednesday. And if they fly on Thursday it gives them a couple of days off from work, maybe thats a good thing.

          Dont stress it will all work out.
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          #5 BlissfulMsMiranda

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            Posted 24 September 2008 - 05:08 PM

            You girls are making me feel much better ....

            I'm worried because of the flight day - Thursday. I think that will put people off.

            And yes, it's a package deal through a travel agent and I also don't want to lose the price that we have which is why we can't switch to another airline. It's TRANSAT and I'm sure that's why they are being so stupid ... *sigh*

            I know it's not the end of the world, I'm just peeved because the invites were sent and everyone knows May 14th is our wedding day ... and now it's not. I've had to change the date, and maybe that's what upsets me the most.

            It's also going to make things difficult for my Mum - she's a teacher and has to take time off from her classes and find a replacement ... leaving mid-week is going to be harder for her ...

            Oh I don't know, maybe I'm panicking more than necessary ... but it just freaked me out a bit because everything was going so well!!

            #6 jajajaja

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              Posted 24 September 2008 - 05:14 PM

              I get where you are coming from. My parents are in education too so we planned our wedding on spring break to ensure they could easily make it.

              However, I think a big thing to remember is that DWs aren't the typical Fri, Sat or Sun weddings. Everyone here gets married on different days- like I said, ours was a Thurs.

              I think you will aslo find that when you are on vacation, you don't even know the day of the week. Every day is a Saturday!!

              So did you already change your date from 5/14? If so, you can just easily send out a postcard from vistaprint (because I think they are really cheap- even free) just noting the date change. No big deal cause you got some time! I had to bump our date up a day and no one even cared. I wouldn't worry to much until you HAVE to.
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              #7 BlissfulMsMiranda

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                Posted 24 September 2008 - 05:20 PM

                Thank you LCRachel ... and everyone else too ... you girls are definitely calming me down!!

                And I think I'll feel better once I've told my other half the news too and we can figure out where to go from there.

                I just had to vent somewhere because I didn't feel like babbling to the TA!

                #8 rodent


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                  Posted 24 September 2008 - 05:25 PM

                  all of my guests left on thursday. we left on wednesday. you can make it work.

                  #9 jlwhite5

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                    Posted 24 September 2008 - 05:26 PM

                    i'm sorry this is happening to you!

                    how long were your guests planning on staying to begin with? this could wind up being better for your guests. besides, thursdays not so bad when you think about the money you're saving!

                    also, my mom's a teacher and she'll be missing work for our wedding, but she's just not taking any time off leading up to it. i'm sure your mom would be willing to take some time off to be with you on this special day. plus, the school system should find a substitute for her, so that's not trouble that she'll have to deal with.

                    try not to worry - i'm sure your FI will understand! everything will work out! your day will be beautiful regardless of when it is!

                    #10 JaimeLynne

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                      Posted 24 September 2008 - 06:07 PM

                      Originally Posted by BlissfulMsMiranda
                      You girls are making me feel much better ....

                      I'm worried because of the flight day - Thursday. I think that will put people off.
                      I'm sorry you've been so stressed over this! It's crazy how stressful all this can be and this is definitely the place to vent, so get it all out girl!

                      Our wedding is Sunday May 24th, and most of our guests are flying down there on Thursday and leaving on Tuesday. Something you might want to consider *IF* you decide to change the date is that Mon May 25th is Memorial Day so everyone would already have that day off... that's why we picked the date we did anyways. Turns out people are booking regardless, and I just had to remind my MOH that she already has Monday off so she gets to stay an extra night (she can only take 3 days off of work)! Glad we caught that in time! Phew!

                      It will all work out, hang in there!

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