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CoCo Bongo Questions

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I know there was a post similar

but I CANNOT find it even using the search ... I feel like the search NEVER works for me ...



Few questions


1) how can I arrange transport between my hotel (EDR) and CoCo Bongo for my guests?

- best companies to use etc?


2) on a Friday, do I have to to pre pay for tickets?

Like how does it work?

Pay at the door or huh.gifhuh.gif



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When we were in Playa the closest one was Cancun, so I can only let you know how we found that. We did a "tour" with our resort (party bust that only went to the Coco Bongo). We also rented a Jeep one night and went to Cancun to party that way. We stood in line for about 20min to get in. It was $35 US, and that was cover and all we could drink. But we found it was hard to get drink if we didn't tip. We had a blast there. We found the best way was to do a party bus through the resort. (Trip home was a lot easier!) Hope this little bit of info can help! :)

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There is an excursion that you can sign up for that includes transportation & all you can drink to Coco Bongo. Whoever you book your vaca though should have a rep at the hotel that you can get everyone signed up with. I know our Apple Vacations rep had this Coco Bongo excursion available. Also, we just took the bus to Carlos n Charlies that had a deal $50/pp for dinner and all you can drink and no line admisson to Coco Bongo as well as all you can drink in Coco Bongo. I would totally reccomend doing this as it's way cheaper than the excursion and you get dinner too!

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