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Originally Posted by lauren View Post
idk if you've ever gotten a swedish massage before - both of us wanted to crawl out of our skin. it's not a massage - it's just someone touching you. if we could do again, we'd try to upgrade to a deep tissue massage - don't know if it's possible, but would try...
Good Point Lauren! I will try to upgrade. It seems like the Spa is so anal about everything whereas Rebeca seems really cool. Oh, well, not everything can always go smoothly I guess.

Originally Posted by autjo View Post
I don't remember talking about this, but I was looking at the Dreams site and it has a section about the Dreams Eternity Honeymoon Package being free if you stay over 7 nights. Anyone talked to the resort/TA/WC about it?
Is this the anniversary thing? where if you come back, you get three nights free or something? not sure....

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Originally Posted by Jess View Post
aww bummer autumn...we are moving to casa velas for our honeymoon on 11/30
Jess, I'm arriving on 11/19 at 4pm - maybe I'll get to see you before you leave!

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Jess thanks for the great recommendation about the nail salon and for the prices. I think Dreams is out of their mind for the spa pricing, but hey I guess they get you while you are on vacation.


Autumn, I haven't talked to Rebeca about the honeymoon package, but let us know if you find anything out. I just looked it up on the website and to get the regular (i.e. free) honeymoon package, it says you have to request it when you book. But what if you are getting married there then staying for your honeymoon?? Do they know to just give it to you, you think? I will send my TA an email and get her thoughts on it.


Lauren thanks for the heads up on the massages. I don't even know if we will use our coupons, it may just be all for me. My FI is a massage therapist while going back to school and he very rarely can stand getting massaged by someone else. But hey I sure as heck can!

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Girls! I tried attaching the document with the service descriptions they sent me, but it's in Power Point and I can't attach it!



The Coffee Mud Wrap says the following:

"Containing Coffee and natural ingredients this sliming body wrap prone your body to break down fat and increase metabolism. An Excellent treatment to boost your skin texture and help smooth any sponge, dimply appearance."


I was thinking of doing the coffee mud wrap the first day I'm there (help with the bathing suite, right? msnwink.gif) but everyone has me scared about doing treatments right before the wedding, like I'll end up with spots on my skin, or a weird color, or something like that. I've never really had any sort of body treatments like that - I've only had one or two message in my life! but I do know my skin isn't sensitive.

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Is there a name for Tonya's salon? Or a way to get a hold of them? Are you going to wait to schedule until you get there? Or just walk-in?


Our documentation also says that the credits can only be used on things more than 30 minutes, or at least that's how it sounds, so even some of the spa stuff wouldn't be covered:


Resort Credits (Coupons) are applicable towards the following services:


Spa Services

– Applies towards Massages, Facials and Body Treatments (Body Wraps) US$100 Dlls. to be used as follows: three coupons (US$40, $40 and $20 Dlls.), one per treatment.



Beauty Salon, Spa Products, Services of 30 Minutes, Teenager services, special promotions, packages and/or any other service different than the mentioned above are NOT included in this promotion

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I just have to post this because of what some of your worries are ladies.

I had the Ulitmate Wedding Pkg. w/ 7 nights so yeah, we had the free honeymoon pgkg.

Ill tell you all right now...DON'T WORRY!!! I know it's hard not to, but trust me!

The Spa was Fab!! Even the SWEDISH message, both my husband and I fell asleep!!

The Spa can be a little hard to figure out, because they are a small operation.

THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!! No need to book ur wedding spa pkgs 2 months. I did mine the week before we got there and just stopped in to confirm when we arrived.

Rebecca IS THA BOMB!! She always does whatever you need with a smile!

Actually, Heck...everyone is AWSOME their. Look for tall Victor, the drink guy, he will treat you sooooo good.




I even picked my bouguet 2 DAYS before the ceremony, and it was FINE!! Rebecca has ALL the Puerto Vallarta contacts you good ask for. Now that mine is all set and done, I think the Spa just gets annoyed by Brides that seem so worried, when they will go above and beyond for whatever your need.

I had my hair and makeup done the day of, and it was FAB!!


The only outside things I brought were my chair colored saches and some sea shell stuff for the tables. But for a cost Rebecca will get all that there for you!


Just be for-warned that the only probebly was you get a free video/photog from the resort with that pkg./ but we had hired outside help to cover more of the day, as Dreams had a limit to what they photographed. Now BOTH were AMAZING, but the Dreams crew got in the way a little of our actual hired photog/Video guy.


Also keep in mind the DJ should defently have a song list, he is kinda dated! Hahah

But nice all the same.


YouTube - Dreams Puerto Vallarta Sarah & James Wedding

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