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May 2009 Brides

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I got so much stuff finished this weekend! YEA!!!! Now, it looks like the only things left I have to do are:

Finish the last 2 programs (I ran out of ribbon before I finished)

Pick up my TTD, linens, chair sashes, Guys' ties, etc from seamstress (this Thursday)

Put togetether the onsite WC notebook (I have kept every email, receipt and taken pics of how I want everything and this way they can have a copy or it can be back-up in case I'm told we can't have something and I've already gotten an approval email...just in case!)

Buy my wedding shoes (I still can't find the "one's")

Buy my rehearsal dinner dress

Email our "must have" songs to the DJ



I think that's about it! I'm getting so excited now! We had our Couples Shower 2 weeks ago and it was a blast! We are having our Legal Day tomorrow.....20 more days!!! WooHoo!!!

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Hello there ! First time I see this thread !


Well for me it's becoming super close to the date so not sure I have a lot of time before leaving (in 2 weeks from now).


As for Boudoir, I am not doing it now... maybe for our 1st anniversary... I was thinking of using this person :


Houston Boudoir Photography, through a woman's eye - classy, sensual, and fun portraits


Her portfolio looks stunning.

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This week-end I finished designing the welcome booklets, including the who's who ! Yeah ! But I ran out of cardstock before printing them all... The programs are also ready to print, but not printed yet because I'm having anxiety about the hotel... I won't print them until I get my contract...


After that, remaining to be done :

- final fitting (Saturday) for both my dresses

- hairdresser (also Saturday) color and cut

- finish the camera scavenger hunt translation into french and prep the little cards to put on the tables

- table numbers

- seating chart - highly depends on my WC as I just asked her to change from 4 tables of 10 to 3 tables of 12...

- sign for the cameras basket

- finish the playlists

- ship the box with the flowers

- finish the suitcases (already packed 1.5)


and the hotel WC just added to the list : get food choices from guests for dinner... censored.gif


I think I won't have time for the door hangers... I leave in two weeks !!

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So I came home from work early tonight.


I managed to make a rough draft of the deck plans, cabin numbers and wedding day timeline brochure to be handed out in the limo on the way to port. I didn't print them all out cause I wanna show my mother and see what she thinks first!


Printed the labels and sealed up our pre mailing with luggage tags. Just need to get them to the post office and weighed at the end of the week.


Instead of a big welcome letter, I made our welcome letter on the oversized postcards from Vistaprint. On regular size post cards I made the info for our photo share. I made labels on the outside of a white 6x9 envelope with everyone's names and put those in there along with a few Bermuda postcards I ordered from Cafepress.


Our flowers are shipping today, they should be in by the end of the week from *bannedseller* I hope they are as beautiful as they are on the site.


Final payments went out to our wedding planner and resort fees.


Now I just need to find a decorative box for Paul's BD book.


I think I may only have 1 more trip to Michaels before we leave! Huzzah!! I was starting to think I rented a room out in the back I've been there so much!

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I packed up 90% of my OOT bag stuff-it fit in my big suitcase...I didn't realize that I had so much stuff :)

My best friend is lending me a big duffel bag for my clothes since I can just roll the bag up and put it in the big suitcase after the wedding. Also, we are flying 1st class and we get 2 free bags each!!! Thank goodness because FI was having a fit about the bags!!!

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Alright, so slowly my list of "to-dos" is getting smaller.


This weekend was highly productive ... FI managed to get his entire outfit, which is gorgeous and I'm absolutely thrilled with his choice (I let him go it alone for that one, and was a bit skeptical it all, but it turned out great!).


I also put together the welcome letter for the OOT bags, the OOT bag tags and the tags I'm putting on each pashmina, addressed to each girl individually. Those are all printed and cut to perfection but they need some bling so I'll be heading to the craft store at lunch today to see if I can find something to spruce 'em up.


I'm also going for my THIRD fitting this Friday before I head off to T.O. for the weekend ... which makes this weekend a write off ... except that I have my BD photo shoot on Sunday and I'm freakin' out a bit about that one. **panic**

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Originally Posted by mfry View Post
Here is the shoe I am wearing if it helps give you some ideas for your shoes!!!

Click the image to open in full size.
Wow lovely !!

Mine are similar but I love yours. Check them out :

Click the image to open in full size.

I leave in just two weeks... actually, I'll be down there in two weeks... and my heart is pounding like crazy because I'm not sure of the venue any longer ! God this is so ... distressing ? Awful ? Agonizing ? Raaaa.

At least I have hairdresser and final fitting on Saturday. A little pampering will help.

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