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RIU Bride-To-Be

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Hello!! We are getting married on January 17, 2009 at the RIU Montego Bay that is supposed to open (hopefully!) soon. Does anyone have any info on this property or has anyone been married at a RIU before?


Also- any additional info on beach destination beach weddings would be greatly appreciated. I sort of feel like I'm flying blind! ;-)


Thanks for any info-


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Welcome Becky!

You are definitely in the right place. There are a few brides who are scheduled to be married at RMB.

Here's the thread with their information:



There are tons of BDW brides who have been married at Riu resorts! You can start in the Jamaica section, and check out the Jamaica Riu Brides & also be sure to do a search to find Riu brides from other destinations such Mexico.


Good luck!

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