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what NOT to do when shopping for a photographer


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I'm still so pissed about a "meeting" I had earlier today.


A potential bride comes over to my house which was suppose to be a meeting to talk about her wedding. She shows up 15 mins late, comes to my door with her phone to her ear. She walks in, takes her phone away from her ear but keeps it open like it's still on and asks me if I have my pricing information, WHICH IS ON MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!


I gave her my brochure which is identical to what is on my site and she turns around like she's ready to walk out the door. I was in complete shock. I asked if she wanted to see some of the albums so she knows the difference and she had to go because she's "scheduled so many other appointments today"


WTF?? If you knew you schedule our appt. why did you schedule others so close around it. Especially when the weather is bad.




Ladies, please DO NOT do this to your photographer or anyone else for that matter. What a complete waste of my time, not to mention her time and driving across town in bad weather. I seriously want to write her and either tell her how rude that was or ask her why she even bothered to come.

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